German Chancellor Angela Merkel called the Internet news aggregators and social networks to uncover the algorithms the publication of content and display in the top message, reports Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. According to her, it is necessary to avoid fraud, people, political provocation and destabilization in the EU. The largest Internet companies are Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Microsoft and others.

European politicians and journalists often speak of the opacity of the algorithms output on the first rankings of publications in aggregators and social networks and state of the growing Russian propaganda. For example, the Economist, studied the work of the Pro-Kremlin RT TV channel allegedly found a large number of bots in social networks.

Having examined over 33 thousand tweets, the researchers came to the conclusion that retweets messages from RT makes a relatively small number of fans of the channel. A similar picture emerges with likes on Facebook. In a significant number of cases these actions produce bots, concluded the experts.

In addition, in the West of the subject filter publications received new impetus after the scandal with Facebook. In may 2016 the social network Facebook has become the object of serious criticism in the US after reports that the social network filters the publication of the conservative publications that are associated with the Republican party, unlike the liberal press materials associated with the Democratic party.

The company then denied all charges. However, in August of 2016 Facebook changed the algorithm for generating news feeds Trending Topics in connection with the previously unheard allegations of political bias.

It was reported that the algorithm became more automated, which will allow to minimize the role of people-editors. So, in the Trending Topics will not appear brief description of the news, prepared by the editor, and will contain only the title and the number of people discussing this event. When you click on the title the user will see excerpts from the original news.

List of news, as before, will be formed individually for each user taking into account its location, set previously, likes and previously viewed them materials Trending Topics.

In Russia aggregators of news from the year 2017 will cooperate only was the media in Russia

Due to come into force from January 1, 2017 law news aggregator “Yandex” forced to change the terms of cooperation with its partners. With the commencement of the amendments, the service “Yandex.News” will show in the top-5 news, as well as in regional and thematic headings only, literally reproducing the materials registered in the Russian media.

From 1 January 2017 in the top 5 of news on the front pages of “Yandex” and “Yandex.News” and in news stories, regional and thematic headings will only display information from partners, which is a verbatim reproduction of media materials, explained in “Yandex”. If the partner does not accept the terms of the agreement, the information will no longer appear in the top news stories and sections, but will continue to appear in search results “Yandex.News” on relevant searches.

According to TNS Russia, the Russian audience of “Yandex.News” in September of 2016 amounted to about 25 million people aged 12 to 64 years old excluding mobile devices.

The Russian state Duma on 10 June 2016 passed a bill equating a major Internet news services to the media. The amendments require the owners of a news aggregator with daily attendance of more than 1 million users “to check the accuracy of the distributed public of important information prior to their dissemination and to immediately cease their distribution on the basis of the requirements” of Roskomnadzor.

Company and “Yandex” that control Russia’s largest news aggregators, warned about the possible closure of its news services because of the bill. The second reading of the requirements of the representatives of the Internet industry have taken into account, by editing the bill.

Aggregators must not be used for disclosure of information constituting a state secret, the dissemination of calls to terrorism or public justification of terrorism, as well as materials that promote pornography, cult of violence and cruelty, and materials containing obscene language.

The owners aggregators are obliged to prevent the use of the service for distribution to news media to discredit citizens by gender, age, racial or national affiliation, language, attitude to religion, profession, place of residence and work, as well as in connection with their political beliefs. They are obliged to comply with the prohibitions and restrictions stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation on elections.

In this case, the owner of the aggregator can be any foreign entity, through the establishment of a Russian legal entity. Thus was removed the question about the 20 per cent restriction on foreign ownership of news aggregators, which is now in effect for the media.

Owners aggregators are obliged to store only the information published by the service. Without this clarification, the requirement of the law was read as an obligation to store the entire volume data aggregator.

Were also reduced administrative fines for non-compliance by the owner aggregator of the requirements of Roskomnadzor to stop the spread of news.

Merkel urged Internet giants to uncover the algorithms the publication of news and posts 26.10.2016

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