US first lady Michelle Obama once again appeared in public and spoke to the voters to convince them to vote for former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton in the upcoming presidential elections. In new Hampshire, Obama harshly criticized opponent, Clinton, billionaire Donald trump, having reproached him in “predatory behavior”, referring to a scandal around allegations of sexual harassment in the Republican address, writes The Guardian.

“If we boast of sexual violence, how can we be a model of morality in the world?” – said the first lady of the United States. Obama also noted that trump’s words shook her to the core and regardless of how the party is women, whom he insulted, such statements are simply unacceptable.

“Whether you’re Democrat, Republican or independent, no woman deserves such treatment. No one deserves such humiliation,” she said. Wife of the American President thus urged the state residents to vote for candidate Clinton in the upcoming presidential elections that will be held in November this year.

“Now is the time for all of us to stand up and say enough is enough. I can’t believe that a candidate for President of the United States boasted of the sexual harassment of women,” continued Obama.

In addition, the first lady noted that it was not just a humorous conversation, an open conversation influential person “about his predatory behavior.” Michelle Obama also drew attention to the fact that the men in her life so about women not talking. “And I know that my family is not unusual,” she said.

The plea was held against the background of the message of the American press about several women, accusing Donald trump of sexual harassment. The alleged victims spoke after the scandal published by The Washington Post video of 11 years ago where trump said that he could grab any woman for intimate places and she would allow him to do that because he’s famous.

Publication of records has jeopardized the entire campaign billionaire. As a result, the trump showed atypical behavior, apologizing for his words in the video. A day later, in the second round of televised debates , the presidential candidate said that it was a “men’s chatter in the locker room” and “just words”, and also expressed regret at the fact that he had uttered such a phrase. On the question of whether he molested women, trump replied: “No, I didn’t do it.”

However, the journalists managed to talk with several women who claim to have experienced harassment billionaire. Two of them have shared their stories with The New York Times. One of the alleged victims was Jessica Leeds, which is now 74 years old. According to her, 36 years ago, while traveling as a representative of the manufacturer of paper, she was sitting next to trump in the first class cabin on the plane to new York.

According to the memoirs Leeds, 45 minutes after takeoff trump raised the armrest and began to touch her. Then the businessman grabbed her breast and tried to climb under her skirt. “He was like an octopus, says 74-year-old resident of Manhattan. His hands were everywhere.” As a result, the Leeds ran into the back of the salon. “It was harassment,” concluded the interviewee NYT. The story of the harassment of trump Leeds told at least four people in his entourage with whom the publication also managed to communicate.

Also about harassment trump told the publication the Palm Beach Post 36-year-old mindy Macgillivray. According to the woman, in 2003, when she was 23, trump grabbed her buttocks in one of the clubs of Florida in 2003. Her companion at the time, photographer Ken Davidoff, the publication said that distinctly remembers how Macgillivray took him aside and said, “Donald just grabbed my ass!”

The headquarters of the trump categorically reject all accusations of harassment. Two close to the billionaire source told The Washington Postthat a politician is considering filing a lawsuit against The New York Times and is already consulting with his advisers about legal ways to influence the situation. According to sources, trump furious over the allegations against him and their publication. Earlier Thursday, attorney mark Kasowitz published requirement to the wording of The New York Times to issue a retraction.

In addition, an unnamed participant of beauty contest “Miss USA” told the newspaper The Guardian, in 2001 a billionaire came into the room when she and another contestant were completely naked. “He came in, he stood up and he stared at us. He did it because he knew that”, – said the interlocutor of the edition.

Also Tasha Dixon, who won in 2001 the title of “Miss Arizona,” he told KCBS-TVhow the tramp came into the locker room during a rehearsal for a beauty contest. Some participants were partially or completely naked. Dixon was 18 years old.

After the previous scandal with the publication of the 2005 video where trump talks about the harassment, the press has spread information that the Republicans have lost faith in the chances of its candidate to win the presidential race and asked the lawyers to consider the possibility of replacement a month before the election. Later, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee USA Raines, Priebus said that the leadership of the party will not give support for trump. However, amid the scandal, Clinton was much ahead of trump’s popularity rating among voters.

Rude remarks from the beginning of the campaign trump was the hallmark of the presidential candidate. Billionaire repeatedly accused of offensive comments about women, Muslims, Mexican immigrants. Closer to the election rhetoric of the candidate has changed somewhat: in August, trump is hardly the first time a presidential campaign has apologized for his harsh comments, which “could cause someone pain.”

Michelle Obama accused trump of “predatory behavior” against the background of a sex scandal 13.10.2016

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