Businessman Sergei Mikhailov, nicknamed “Mikhas”, which is better known in the media as the leader of the Solntsevo organized criminal group (OCG), stood up for the Manager of AFK “Sistema” Arnold Spivakovsky, the detained in Spain on suspicion of involvement by organized crime groups and the laundering of its money. Spivakovsky not involved in the charges against him, said Mikhailov in comments to the TV channel “Rain”.

“I think that Arnold Spivakovsky in no way implicated in any financial ateisticheskoi companies. I am sure that the charges will dissipate like smoke”, – said Mikhailov.

In recent times, “has developed a bad tendency to destroy the Russian people and all that is connected with them”, added the businessman.

It doesn’t matter what the activity – positive or negative – they are in Europe. “I am confident that the investigation will soon be presented evidence of the complete innocence of Arnold Spivakovsky and others”, – said Mikhailov.

It became known yesterday that the Russian Arnold Spivakovsky, who was arrested in Spain on 25 September during a special operation “Oligarch”, was the Manager of AFK “Sistema”. In a press-service AFK “System” have confirmed that Spivakovsky is a member of the team of JSC “Sokolsky DOK”.

Spanish law enforcement authorities call Spivakovsky involved in money laundering Solntsevo and Izmailovo criminal group. He was involved in gangs and was a close assistant of criminal authority Semyon Mogilevich, who is suspected of fraud in $ 150 million and searching for since 2009.

Recall that in early August, the Lublin court rejected the claim of Mikhailov 500 thousand rubles, submitted in mid-June, with
to recognize false and defamatory statement from the film-investigation of the Fund of struggle against corruption “the Seagull” about the family of the Prosecutor General of Russia about the fact that Mikhailov is a crime boss and leader of the Solntsevo nicknamed Mikhas. In court, the representative Mikhailov argued that Mihas is a child, not a criminal nickname of a businessman.

Where the money went “Solntsevo”

In the mid-1990s, Solntsevo group flourished and had more than two thousand soldiers. Earned on racketeering, gangsterism and drug money invested in legitimate business, “Solntsevo” possessed many firms.

“If the same orekhovskaya group that planted Sylvester (a nickname criminal authority Sergey Timofeev, who died in 1994 in a car bombing in Moscow on the Third Tverskaya-Yamskaya street. – Approx. it was powerful, bloodthirsty criminal. Behind them the murders there is a whole cemetery. And Solntsevo will say this. They then, with the first half of the 1990s, was aimed at business”, – told the TV channel “Rain” a former employee of the RUBOP Mikhail Ignatov. This investigation was published in late August.

According to the source channel, familiar with the Solntsevo business, the most successful of them – Andrey Skoch, now a state Duma Deputy. With the state of the seven billion dollars he occupies the 17th place in the list of Forbes.

The largest business associated with Sergei Mikhailov, are infrastructure companies in the airport Vnukovo. Formally, the owner is there a Sergei Manah, was hired Manager in projects Mikhailov. Vnukovo airport is considered the birthplace of the solntsevskaya businessmen.

Daughter Mikhailov, Vera (married Seregina) owns a restaurant Primavera with an image of the sun on the facade in the village Novoglagolevo. It business partners – Alexander Kopylkov and Andrey Ryabinsky, the developers of the “MIC Group”, one of the largest developers of Russia – together with it was created a construction company “Novoglagolevo-3″.

Special operation “Oligarch” in Spain was developed over four years by local law enforcement officers together with employees of Europol. Investigative actions were sanctioned by the court N1 Marbella and spectaculorum for combating organized crime and corruption.

Mihas said that the arrested in Spain for money laundering OPG Manager of AFK “System” not guilty 29.09.2017

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