The Chairman of the Union of cinematographers of Russia, film Director Nikita Mikhalkov criticized statements by the artistic Director of Satirikon theatre Konstantin Raikin about censorship and the infringement of art. Mikhalkov in their arguments referred to the prophet Muhammad and said that few people understand “what is freedom”.

Mikhalkov commented resonant speech Raikin in the program “Right to know” on channel TVC. “Kostya Raikin I love very much, he is a talented person. But I would like to understand where is it infringed? What he has not? It has the centre “Raikin Plaza”, a theater, a school. He puts what he wants”, – quotes the words of Mikhalkov TASS.

“Many, including myself, still do not know what captivity feels like. – Said Mikhalkov. – Closed the show, the exhibition spilled ink? And what closes? Things covered in ink? Kostya Raikin has this passage: “Hurt, insulted religious feelings of believers”. And he says it quite lightly. And somebody dare to put the performance of defaming the prophet Mohammed?”

Raikin, in his speech at the recent Congress of the Union of theatrical figures said that now attempts to return to censorship back, and “return is not just in times of stagnation, and in Stalin’s time”. The head of the “Satyricon” stressed that the government “should not intervene and should help the arts and culture.” Raikin stated that the recent increase in pressure on the arts, including theater, with various public organizations. Raikin says it is “a disgraceful assault on freedom of creativity.”

The speech provoked an active discussion, most intellectuals sided Raikin. The representatives of the other camp stated that there is no problem with censorship, at least – what she needed. So the head of the Ministry of culture Vladimir Medinsky has called Russian theatres the freest since the days of Ancient Greece.

Mikhalkov recalled the prophet Muhammad, condemning words Raikin about censorship 05.11.2016

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