Iranian military boats began on Tuesday culprits disturbing incident involving the American missile destroyer USS Nitze” in the Strait of Hormuz, going on a dangerous high-speed maneuver. This was stated by the agencies Reuters and TASS, an anonymous representative of the Ministry of defense.

According to the stated version of events, four boats of the Navy of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps of Iran has carried out the interception at high speed” destroyer Nitze. Iranian speedboats approached a destroyer, despite repeated warnings,” said the officer of the Pentagon.

The representative of the U.S. Department of defense announced that two Iranian boats approached the U.S. ship at a distance of about “300 yards (about 274 metres), and only then slowed down and eventually walked away from the destroyer.

Reuters adds that a us destroyer was forced to change course, dodging the approaching boats.

The spokesman added that if the US and Iran had diplomatic relations with Washington could Express the protest in connection with a similar incident.

Military boats in Iran has gone on “high speed intercept” of a US destroyer 25.08.2016

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