A large shipment of dairy products produced from 1 to 19 October, withdrawing from the Moscow stores due to the discovery of foot and mouth disease in cows belonging to the company – supplier of raw milk. As reported by “Vedomosti”, by the retailers with a request to withdraw from circulation nearly four thousand tons of dairy products asked the Federal service. We are talking about yogurt, milk and yogurt, JSC “holding company “opolie”, which are sold in the “Attack”, “Dixie”, “the Crossroads” “Ashan” and “bill”.

In 2011, “Opole” was bought by the largest food company in Russia – “Vimm-the bill-Dann”, in the same year, the buyer was in turn acquired by multinational PepsiCo.

In commercial networks confirmed the receipt of the letter from the Supervisory authority and the withdrawal of products from the market, as reported TASS also has a copy of the document.

Foot and mouth disease found in animals that belong to the VKV, OOO. This firm was a supplier of raw milk for the producer Opole. Only from 1 to 19 October, the branch in Yuryev-Polish was released 5824 tons of products, subject to withdrawal 3831 tons.

“ru” said that despite the virus is detected late when the product for three weeks was in the sale, the Federal service for whatever reason decided not to make information public and not to bring to the attention of consumers.

“This decision concerns only a limited range of products produced HC Opole in the period from October 1 to October 19, 2016, and does not spread to other products of the company are available for sale on the Russian market,” said communications Director “Vimm-the bill-Dann” Marina zibareva.

According to her, customers have nothing to worry about – all the products are safe, although if you want you can return to the stores. “All raw milk undergoes heat treatment at a temperature in which the FMD virus is guaranteed to be destroyed” she explained.

Recall that FMD is an acute viral disease that affects domestic and wild cloven-hoofed animals. Ill can and people. The main symptoms are fever and lesions of the mucous membrane of the mouth and extremities. The causative agent of FMD is killed when heated to 60 degrees under UV radiation and common disinfectants.

The Rosselkhoznadzor administration for the Vladimir region reported slaughter in the village of Basmanova Sobinsky district, where an unscheduled inspection revealed the presence of FMD in all susceptible animals.

In the region also carried out mass vaccination of cattle against FMD, including animals held by household farms. Experts keep track of the party of products of animal origin produced in the dysfunctional region, and the roads are joint posts of traffic police inspectors and veterinarians.

Milk “little house in the village,” PepsiCo began to withdraw from the sale because of foot and mouth disease 26.10.2016

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