In Russia, for the 2016-2017 school year in physical education classes, killed 211 students. This data was presented by the head of the Ministry of education and science Olga Vasilyeva during a meeting in the Federation Council.

“We have no information about the health of the children who come to school. We have 211 people have died in the past academic year, the physical education of adolescents”, – said Vasilyev, speaking before senators of the upper house of Parliament (quoted by RIA “Novosti”).

According to her, there used to be a group health and the burden on students could not be more put. “Personal data protection what resulted – we do not have medical cards, we don’t know what is wrong with the child. We have agreed that doctors will have to give group health,” continued Vasiljev.

The head of the Ministry of education and science expressed the opinion that the teacher should know, children with any diagnosis of learning in his class. For example, if there is a speech about epilepsy, the teacher should know what to do and how to provide first aid, said Vasiliev.

Note that the physical education lessons in popularity among school children visit the classes on religion, sexuality education and social Sciences (sociology, Economics, political science). About it tell the data of pollspent “Levada-Center” in may of this year.

As recalled by RBC, September 20 in the Ulyanovsk region the investigators launched an investigation after a local school died the eighth grade student. The teenager became ill during a physical education class, although the child was absence from school. Another similar case occurred in April in Primorye, where the child lost consciousness and then died while Jogging.

In December last year, the Investigative Committee of the Omsk region has informed on excitation of criminal case in connection with the sudden death of a schoolboy in the village of Krasnoyarka after the basketball competition among the schools of the Omsk municipal district. 16-year-old became ill at the ceremony of awarding the winners of sporting events later in the day he died in the hospital.

A similar case occurred on October 5, 2016 in Novokuznetsk, where 13-year-old schoolgirl died suddenly after he collapsed during the warm-up before training in basketball. The experts found that the girl died because of decompensated cardiopulmonary insufficiency.

On 5 December last year in St. Petersburg student of special correctional school N34 for pupils with disabilities lost consciousness during a PE lesson and died in hospital the next morning.

Earlier in Novosibirsk 13-year-old schoolgirl died during a dance. In January 2016 the pupil of correctional school of the city of Serov in the Sverdlovsk region suddenly collapsed and died in gym class.

Similar cases were recorded in 2014 in the city Yartsevo Smolensk region, where he died on the ninth, which had exemption from physical education, as well as in the city of Zheleznogorsk, Kursk region, where he died a pupil of the sixth class.

Minister of education and science announced the deaths of 211 students in physical education classes for the year 10.10.2017

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