The Minister of education of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilyeva spoke about teaching the basics of religions in Russian schools and suggested that this direction will develop.

“Basics of religious cultures and secular ethics is a subject of culturological she said in an interview to”Komsomolskaya Pravda”. The objective of this course is to strengthen the moral foundations of personality.”

“This subject, as well as many others, is a very long life. I think it will be discussed, will probably increase as you go along. I am sure that the textbooks will be improved. It is important to develop cultural direction of this subject”, – said the head of the Ministry of education. She assured that this item is not aimed at religious education.

The question is not whether it is alarming that in the Muslim regions of the Russian Federation choose the module about Islamic culture in Central Russia, about Christianity, and does not it, that this item is not unite, but divides the country, Vasilyev said that it is not. “In Tatarstan, most choose a world religion and the basics of secular ethics. Religious training takes place in madrasah. And so do many Caucasian republics”, – said the Minister.

In her words, “the subject is constructed so that any module starts with the fact that Russia is our common homeland, multiconfessional and multinational, about moral values, love and respect for the Fatherland”. And then about Islam in Russian history, about the foundations of this religion.

“It is a correct presentation of the material, – said Vasilyev. – In the onset of Salafism , it is important to show the role of traditional Islam, this is the opposition of radical Islamist trends.”

Vasilyev headed the Ministry of education in August, succeeding Dmitry Livanov. Previously, she worked in the Institute of Russian history, was the head of the Center for the history of religion and the Church, taught at the Sretensky theological Seminary under the authority of the Confessor of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin Tikhon (Shevkunov), has held the position of Deputy head on public projects in the presidential administration, where he was in charge of Patriotic education of youth.

Vasilyeva at the time, he defended two dissertations on the role of the Church in the USSR, and is also the author of about a hundred articles and publications about the Church and its relations with the state. However, she urged not to identify its research activities in the field of history and religion with work in his new post.

Minister of education and science announced the promotion of teaching of religions in schools 05.10.2016

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