The Russian health Minister Veronika Skvortsova told reporters, what are the risk of baby-boxes for the babies and other people.

“Of course, any bully in a baby-box can throw anything. Therefore, the risks, of course they are”, – quotes its RIA “Novosti”. Prior to that, Deputy Director of Department of medical aid to children and obstetric service of the Ministry of health Oleg Filippov said that baby-boxes pose a terrorist threat.

Skvortsova also referred to the data of international researches, according to which baby-boxes cause a lot of stress in the child and sometimes it leads to functional disorders of the nervous system. She noted that put in a baby box the baby is in complete darkness.

“Another point – don’t always respond in a timely manner to get the child to those who should respond. And if it is delayed for some reason, it would be too”, – said the head of Ministry of health.

In this case, “the experience of our regions suggests that I use very rarely these baby boxes,” said Skvortsova. “A few are literally those who have used this notion, so the problem itself – it is not worth the world so to discuss,” the Minister concluded.

For and against

The initiative for the legislative prohibition of baby-boxes in Russia has caused heated debate in society. With the proposal to introduce a ban on “life” was made by Senator Elena Mizulina, who made a bill to the state Duma, and at the end of September hastened to informthat the government has approved this document.

But later it turned out that the Cabinet has given a negative opinion and argued for a substantial revision of this document before the first reading in the lower house. Mizulina said in response that sees no reason to revise the bill before the first reading, “it is logical to make amendments to the second”.

In early November against the ban of baby-boxes in favor Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova. She believes that to understand the necessity of baby-boxes or their damage takes time. The Ombudsman added that, in her view, “life” may not induce the abandonment of the child, on the contrary, the ban on baby-boxes can lead to an increase in the number of cases of ill-treatment of children.

During the poll conducted in mid-October, 75% of respondents voted for the preservation of specially equipped places at a maternity and children’s homes where mothers, who decided to abandon the child, can leave it without fear for the life of the baby.

Meanwhile, the health Ministry said that baby-boxes will not solve the problem of infanticide mothers, because such crimes tend to be crimes of “asocial women”.

A petition on the portal against the legal prohibition of the baby boxes was signed by more than 280 thousand people.

The first devices for the anonymous transfer of physicians of newborns appeared in Russia in 2011. Currently in 11 regions of the Russian Federation established 20 baby-boxes in 16 subjects of negotiations regarding their installation.

Minister of health Skvortsova told about the dangers of baby-boxes for children and adults 01.12.2016

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