The Ministry of energy and coal industry of Ukraine appealed to the energy customs of the state fiscal service with a request to confiscate the coal, which was mined on the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk national republics and imported into the country.

“We have already made a radical step and sent to the state fiscal service and energy custom request to when entering the territory of Ukraine coal products originating from the zone ATO these products were subject to confiscation”, – declared the head of Department Igor Nasalik in the Verkhovna Rada (quoted by UNIAN).

The consumption of coal to Ukraine per year is 24 million tons, of which 9 million tonnes is anthracite, which is mined in uncontrolled Kiev territory of Ukraine. February 10 was completely stopped the supply of anthracite coal from the area ATO in the Donbass.

On January 25 representatives of Ukrainian volunteer battalions, supported by a number of MPs, blocked the movement of freight trains with coal from uncontrolled Kiev areas of Donbass. The radicals explained their actions by the need to combat smuggling allegedly going along with the coal.

The security service of Ukraine called the actions of the radicals illegal. The Deputy Minister for uncontrolled Kiev territories of Donbass George Tooke and the head of Lugansk regional military-civil administration Yury Garbuz has warned that the blocking of the railroad could threaten not only the region’s energy industry, but also to break the power supply of the entire Ukraine. In fact traffic on the railroad in Lugansk area brought criminal case.

Ministry of energy of Ukraine called the Russian fuel is the only alternative Donbass coal. Commercial contract for the supply of electricity from Russia to Ukraine was not renewed and terminated on 1 January 2016, it now comes exclusively under the technical assistance only upon request.

February 15, Ukraine has a state of emergency in the energy sector. The reason for this action was the blockade of the supply of anthracite from the Donets basin, which was declared radicals. On 15 March the Council of national security and defense of Ukraine has imposed a total truck transport blockade of Donbass. Restrictions will remain in place as long as the enterprises located on the territory of the breakaway DND and LNR, will not be back under Ukrainian jurisdiction.

In early March it became known that the coal mines located in the territory of the DNI and the LC, including those in which it was introduced external control, stopped deliveries of coal to Ukraine. Instead, it began the supply of fuel to Russia.

Ministry of energy of Ukraine demanded to confiscate coal from DPR and LPR 19.05.2017

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