The Minister of internal Affairs of Germany Thomas de maizière has proposed legislation to prescribe the deprivation of German citizenship of those people who leave Germany to fight on the side of terrorists abroad, according to Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung.

According to the Constitution of Germany, the German citizen can not be deprived of citizenship. Government can only take away his passport or identity card, to prevent travel outside the country to join the terrorists. De mézières proposes to change existing practice and to start is to deprive such persons of citizenship.

Law enforcement agencies of Germany counted 870 people who went to the middle East to fight terrorists. About 100 of them have dual citizenship.

As reported TASS, journalists asked for a comment the Social democratic party of Germany. There bill de maizière, a member of the Christian social Union and fellow party member of Chancellor Angela Merkel, criticized for the fact that it contradicts existing laws. The party believes that the offender is, first, should have a chance to return, and secondly, must be punished in Germany, and therefore it can not be deprived of citizenship.

Earlier, German Chancellor Angela Merkel presented a plan of nine points to improve the security situation. As measures aimed at ensuring security in Germany and Europe, she mentioned the establishment of a Central information system on refugees in the EU and early warning systems about possible terrorist threats from the radicals, the permission for the Bundeswehr’s involvement in domestic operations and the expansion of preventive measures.

In addition, Merkel stressed the need for the adoption of the law on the arms trade at the EU level. She also noted the importance of integrating refugees, the fight against the causes a large number of migrants and the fight against terrorism.

Ministry proposed to revoke terrorists ‘ citizenship 04.11.2016

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