The Ministry of communications and mass communications has completed work on a billthat proposes to amend the Federal law “On communication” and are aimed at ensuring the stability and security of functioning of the Russian segment of the Internet, and brought it to public discussion. The document was published on the Federal portal of projects of normative legal acts.

The Ministry proposes to introduce in the law “On communications” a number of new terms, in particular, the concept of Autonomous system as a combination of communication means and other technical facilities under a single technical and administrative control having a common routing policy to the Internet and identified it as a single room.

In addition, it is proposed to enshrine in law the concept of IP addresses, the Russian national segment of the Internet, its infrastructure, traffic exchange and its owner, name registry national domain zones.”EN”, “.of the Russian Federation”, their administrator, and the data lines.

In the prepared draft law the definition of critical infrastructure of the Internet and the peculiarities of its key elements, and define the duties of operators regarding the technical requirements for the organization of the data lines.

The bill will affect the organization of points of traffic exchange and traffic transmission on the territory of Russia and will determine the order of its organization. Moreover, it is proposed to establish a public information system (GIS) ensure the integrity, stability and security of functioning of the Russian segment of the Internet.

This system will operate based on software, hardware and information technologies, providing collection, processing, storage, allocation, distribution and use of information about critical elements of the Russian part of the Internet, information on its integration with international networks, as well as the route-address information in data networks and the Russian segment of the world wide web.

The bill is fixed and the possibilities of using the GIS operators. Also provided and additional rights to operators providing communication services on data transfer and providing Internet access. The Ministry proposes to Fund the work of the state information system of the universal service Fund.

After discussion, the bill will be submitted to the government, said the source “Vedomosti” in the Ministry. He hoped that the document will go to the state Duma and will be adopted before the end of this year. The law will take effect 180 days after adoption is stated in the document.

The press service said that the main objective of the project is to introduce the basic terminology relating the Internet, because the current law “On communication” focuses mainly on the telephone. In the end in the project, a description of the elements of the critical infrastructure that falls, according to the Ministry, under the jurisdiction of Russia.

The bill is a framework and contains almost no details of the control elements of critical infrastructure: all this is spelled out on the level of regulation of the government. According to close to the sponsors of the draft person, this was done deliberately: “if we understand that the document is supported by the industry, it will continue to work on the level of regulation, and with the participation of key players of the market.”

Minkomsvyazi developed a draft law on regulation of the Russian segment of the Internet 11.11.2016

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