Belarus recalled the origin of the son-in-law elected President of the US businessman Donald trump – Jared Kushner, whose ancestors survived the Holocaust and moved from the city of Novogrudok of the Grodno region in the United States. According to analyst Maxim Stefanovich, Minsk it is possible to use this fact to establish relations with Washington.

In the “Kalinkina Conversation” on TV channel “Belsat” the expert reminded that Belarus the new President of the United States have roots in his brother-in-law. “By the way, Jared Kushner (married to Ivanka trump, daughter of Donald trump. – Approx. – a descendant of survivors of the ghettos of Jews from Novogrudok. SWAT trump, the American billionaire Charles Kushner, even came to Novogrudok, and also provides sponsorship to the local Museum” – said the scientist, quoted by “Belarusian partisan”.

According to Stefanovich, Belarusian authorities may use this Association to establish a dialogue with trump. “For example, the Museum in Novogrudok view. Which, by the way, like when someone emphasizes that he has done or can do” – suggested the expert.

However, Stefanovic said that the entire foreign policy of the United States can depend only on the position of the trump. “It will take several years, while the policy towards Belarus has changed. Trump is good to those politicians and countries that want him not to criticize but to understand. If the Belarusian authorities use this to their advantage, perhaps, trump will pay attention to our country,” – says the analyst.

With regard to relations with Russia, according to experts, trump, as a non-systemic candidate intends to revise U.S. foreign policy. For this reason, the businessman-politician is making those statements, “which some interpretiruya as the support of Russia or other countries who is always up for the American political system was perceived as a danger and a threat,” said Stefanovic. “Trump thinks we should try to talk to Russia so that it benefits both sides. He will try to start from scratch,” he said.

The Creator of the Museum of Jewish resistance in Novogrudok Tamara Vershitskaya announced that it will congratulate trump through Kushnerov and give him an invitation to visit the city. “It’s important for us and for him, as a Museum of Jewish resistance was created by grants, the Belarusian government has not invested a single penny. And if Trump is important to know and supported at home by his relatives, then he will have to support our Museum,” – said the interlocutor of radio “Liberty”.

According to Verseckas, Charles Kushner was the home of his parents a few times and brought grandchildren. However, the city still was not Jared and Ivanka, “but they are going to visit Novogrudok,” said the Creator of the Museum.

In July 2016, Jared Kushner in the newspaper New York Observer, which he owns, spoke about his Belarusian-Jewish origin. Trump’s son-in-law told how in 1941, the Nazis surrounded the small town of Novogrudok in Belarus, where lived a large Jewish community, including his ancestors. All local residents were divided into those who had to die, and those who were going to leave alive. In 1943, 250 people, left over from the 20 th city, staged an escape through a tunnel dug under the fence of the ghetto, which contained the survivors.

Among those who managed to escape, was the grandmother of Jared Kushner. She managed to escape into the forest, where they joined the partisan unit and met father-in-law trump, who escaped from a labor camp and lived in a dugout.

The story of his family Jared Kushner told to refute the charges of trump’s racism and anti-Semitism. “The fact that my father-in-law is an incredibly loving and tolerant man who accepts my family and our Judaism with since I started Dating my wife. His support was unwavering and with all my heart,” assured the son of a businessman.

The article was published on 6 July, the day after the election headquarters of the Democrats trump accused of anti-Semitism because of Twitter posts. The billionaire posted a picture of the face of her rival, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, on a background of dollar bills and a picture resembling the star of David, with text inside: “the Most corrupt candidate in history”.

Throughout his election campaign, trump has repeatedly reminded voters that his daughter Ivanka married a Jew Jared Kushner, converted to Judaism and is raising his grandchildren in the Jewish tradition.

Father-in-law of billionaire Charles Kushner has built a career in the field of real estate development like Donald trump. In 2005, a businessman was convicted of illegal campaign Finance, tax evasion and pressure on witnesses. One year American developer and philanthropist spent in prison, after which he resumed his career in real estate.

Minsk to improve relations with Washington thanks to the Belarusian roots of trump’s son-in-law 10.11.2016

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