Member of Council of Federation Elena Mizulina said that, despite the change of the Deputy corps of the lower house of the Parliament, there still remained a “pedophile lobby”. So she reacted to the recommendation of Committee of the Duma to reject the bill providing for the abolition of the Statute of limitations for sex crimes against minors.

“All hopes for a renewed Council and the absence of so-called pedophile lobby, for many years, hinder the advancement of important legislative initiatives aimed at protecting children from sexual abuse, failed”, – quotes the Senator’s words its press-service.

As informs Agency “Moscow”, previously on 10 November, the state Duma Committee on state construction and legislation recommended to reject the bill providing for the abolition of the Statute of limitations for persons convicted for crimes against sexual inviolability of minors, and for persons related to the organization of child prostitution.

“There is a negative opinion, mainly in terms of wording, because the topic is very urgent and important. In particular, when life imprisonment, the Statute of limitations, the court will decide. Therefore, due to technical inconsistencies, the bill is not supported. But the topic is important, we will return to it”, – explained the action of the deputies the Chairman of Committee Alexander Gribov.

According to the regulations Mizulina as the developer of the bill was invited on the discussion document, but this was not done. Her bill includes amendments to two articles of the criminal code: article 78 (“Exemption from criminal liability in connection with the expiration of the limitation period”) and article 83 (“Release from punishment in connection with expiration of the limitation period of a judgment of conviction”).

Mizulina believes that her proposal is reasonable: the legislation already has such a precedent – for the crimes connected with terrorism, such time limitation is removed. “Why Duma was so logical to counter terrorism and inconsistent when it comes to pedophiles?” – asks Mizulina.

As for the “pedophile lobby”, which said Mizulina, on the subject back in 2010 expressed the then Commissioner for children’s rights under the RF President Pavel Astakhov. He statedthat in the state Duma are lobbying groups, which oppose the adoption of bills aimed at combating pedophilia. According to him, everyone understands the need for tougher laws against pedophiles, but every time in the relevant committees, there are people who speak out against such measures.

The Astakhov’s statement was preceded by the decision of the court of St. Petersburg sentenced a local resident to the penalty of six years imprisonment for a series of rapes niece. Accused was released in the courtroom. State charge asked for the defendant of 10 years of imprisonment. However, the court issued a suspended sentence, considering mitigating circumstances the positive characteristics of the defendant, and that he is married and has a permanent job.

The verdict caused a wide public resonance, including in the higher echelons of power: then on the “pedophile lobby” in talking to the administration at the time of the Governor of St. Petersburg Valentina Matvienko and the Communist party faction in the state Duma. Protested the verdict and the representatives of “United Russia”.

Mizulina found in the new Duma the old “pedophile lobby” 10.11.2016

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