The investigative Committee of the Omsk region announced on excitation of criminal case against a local pedophile-the recidivistwho has committed three attacks on minors. Against this background, Senator Elena Mizulina has proposed to impose a lifetime administrative oversight of pedophiles, reports the press service of the parliamentarian.

“What happened at the beginning of October in Omsk, shocking! For one day a pedophile three times attacked the girls. That is, he felt no fear, no fear, feel absolutely unpunished. This monstrous situation proves once again – for such criminals is necessary for life administrative oversight!” – said Mizulina.

Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction also recalled that for a long time, she consistently emphasizes the need to tighten “antipedofilskogo” legislation.

“This is because we are usually talking about the repeat offenders. An important step is to have a system of electronic bracelets for pedophiles that law enforcement agencies were tracking all the movements of these individuals and they were not allowed contact with children after his release from prison. The period during which the pedophile is under the scrutiny of law enforcement, must depend on the gravity of his crimes. But it needs to be at least 10 years”, – said Mizulina.

Earlier, on 13 October, the investigating authorities of SK Russian Federation across the Omsk region opened a criminal case on signs of the crime provided by part 3 of article 30, paragraph “b” of part 4 of article 131 of the criminal code the criminal code (attempted rape of a victim under 14 years of age) in relation to a 39-year-old local resident already convicted for crimes against sexual integrity.

According to investigators, the day October 10 a man in a residential area in the Leninsky administrative district of the city attacked a seven year old girl, dragged her into the bushes to rape but not brought the crime to the end due to the active resistance of the child. Due to the interaction with divisions of UMVD of the Omsk region suspect was arrested.

In addition, the investigation verified the allegations of a suspect in the same period of similar offences against two children. Currently, the investigation prepared a motion to conclude the attacker into custody.

Last fall, Senator Anton Belyakov introduced to the state Duma the bill providing introduction in Russia of forced chemical castration for perpetrators of serious sexual crimes against teenagers. To Fund this procedure was proposed for the “mixed system”, with involvement including private funds, in order to reduce pressure on the state budget in conditions of economic crisis in the country.

In Russia, as before, more than the acute problem of rising crimes against sexual inviolability of minors, Belyakov explained, referring to the interior Ministry, according to which from 2009 to 2013 in the Russian Federation almost tripled the number of rapes of minors aged 14 to 17 years and more than fourfold increase in the number of rapes of teenagers under the age of 14.

In 2012 the MPs have already adopted a lawto toughen punishment for pedophiles up to a life term of imprisonment and at the same time allowing the possibility of voluntary chemical castration of the convicted person in exchange for a reduced sentence. However, according to Belyakov, currently this procedure to pedophiles is not applied, and the measures have not given desired results.

Despite the fact that chemical castration for perpetrators of sexual deviation has long been used in the United States and Europe, consensus on the need for this procedure.

Opponents of this method of dealing with sex offenders referred to the possibility of side effects and also note that chemical castration, in contrast to surgical – procedure reversible and not always effective. One study in the USA showed that one in every three men, which was introduced hormonal drug, retained the ability to have sexual intercourse.

We will note, according to research by sociologists, the majority of Russians are in favor of harsher penalties against pedophiles, including the death penalty, which in a country with a 1999 moratorium.

Mizulina proposed to impose a lifetime administrative oversight of the pedophiles 13.10.2016

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