Member of Council of Federation Elena Mizulina refused to amend his bill to ban the baby boxes, despite the negative opinion of the Russian government, which previously advocated for a significant revision of the document drafted. The Senator expressed surprise at the critical review, stating that the original verdict of the government Commission looked different, reports “Kommersant”.

“The document, which appeared in the evening of 10 October on the government’s website indicated the same observations that were present in the opinion, approved by the government Commission on legislative activities on September 28. However, this time in the operative part added the sentence about the need for “significant improvements”, – said Mizulina.

According to her, the new opinion was not discussed at the Commission and in fact was changed behind the scenes at his signature, that contradicts the government regulations and the regulations of the Commission on legislative activities. “This kind of liberty is unacceptable. And such precedents in the activities of the Commission in my practice yet was not” – said the MP.

“The final verdict on the bill will make the state Duma Committee on family, women and children. After that I will decide on the need for revision of the bill. I believe that the reason to modify it before the first reading, no, it is more logical to amend the second reading”, – said Mizulina.

Earlier this week, the Russian government called for a significant revision prepared by Senator Elena Mizulina of the bill to ban the baby boxes. In late September, she hastened to informthat the government has approved its bill, but then it turned outthat it is not.

Mizulina proposed to prohibit the organization of anonymous abandonment of children, and for violation penalties ranging from one to five million rubles or suspension of activities of legal entities for up to 90 days. The review indicates that the projected article 6.19 of the code of administrative offences “requires clarification as the wording allows for broad interpretation of the objective side of the projected administrative offense”. This may give rise to inconsistent enforcement, including judicial practice, warns the government.

We offer “the amount of the fine for legal entities, which typically are budget institutions appears to be excessive, because the amount of money it is comparable to the size of the wage Fund maternity medium power for one to three months”, said the Cabinet of Ministers.

In addition, a sanction of suspension, may deprive citizens of the opportunity to receive medical care, and orphans social and educational services, as “currently designated for the anonymous abandonment of children are, as a rule, medical institutions and organizations for children-orphans”, said in response to the bill Mizulina.

The government recalled that the Convention on the rights of the child stipulates that “every child has the inherent right to life and the right to know their parents and be cared for by that States parties to the Convention must ensure, in accordance with their national legislation, I remind the authors of the document.

“This will require the establishment of a system of legal regulation, ensuring the achievement of these goals, and, consequently, complex changes to the legislation of the Russian Federation. In order to prevent the abandonment of children after their birth also required the adoption of comprehensive measures in the framework of the National strategy of actions in interests of children, including support for pregnant women in difficult situations”, – noted in the document.

The first baby-boxes in Russia appeared in October 2011, the main credit for this belongs to the Perm Foundation “Cradle of hope” and its President Elena Kotova. Now in Russia there are 20 baby boxes in 11 regions, in 16 subjects of the Federation in negotiations. The cost of one – about 400 thousand rubles. This amount includes the design, installation, commissioning and system for SMS-notification: messages about what “box” they were opening, come on a mobile phone in the Fund.

The first “window of life” appeared in Perm and Krasnodar Krai, and then in Tyumen, Kursk, Stavropol and Yekaterinburg. At the same time a project of “Anonymous childbirth”: Foundation staff work hard to ensure that women know about this possibility, and the doctors were very understanding. The Foundation believes that if women are assured of anonymity, they are likely to prefer to give birth in hospitals than at home, and in this case, the child will not be in danger, and the specialists will be able to speak with the mother and to somehow help.

Install baby-boxes it is possible far not in all regions. May 3, 2015 “window of life” opened in Kirov in the parish of the sacred Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic Church, and three days later it was closed at the request of the regional Prosecutor’s office. “According to the law, powers to identify abandoned children is only granted to bodies of guardianship and guardianship. Other legal and physical persons have no right to do this. Everyone understands that it’s illegal,” – explained to”Interfax” the press-Secretary of the Supervisory Department Natalia Kim. Under the threat of closure was and baby box in Ekaterinburg the temple of St. innocent of Moscow, but he managed to defend.

Former children’s Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov was the most consistent opponent of baby-boxes. In March at the meeting of the Council for the protection of the family and traditional family values, he stated that the installation of baby-boxes is akin to the drug trade.

Mizulina refused to make “significant changes” in draft law on baby boxes 12.10.2016

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