The Russian government gave an official positive opinion” on the bill to ban the baby boxes. This was reported on the website of the Federation Council member Yelena Mizulina, who prepared the document jointly with the experts of public organization “all-Russian Parental Resistance”.

The bill provides for a ban on “activities aimed at the organization of anonymous abandonment of children, including the creation and maintenance of specialized seats for the anonymous abandonment of a child”, that is, prevents baby-boxes on the territory of Russia.

“The adoption of the bill due to the necessity of execution by the Russian Federation of the Convention on the rights of the child, since the existence in some subjects of the Russian Federation specially created places for the abandonment of children after birth violates articles 6 to 9 and 19 of this international Treaty. The government of the Russian Federation supports the draft law subject to its revision based on the comments”, – stated in the official opinion of the government.

Mizulina expressed appreciation to the government for support of the bill, assuring that all specified notes can be easily fixed for the second reading.

Mizulina in the state Duma introduced a bill prohibiting the installation of baby-boxes in early June. In the explanatory note to the document said that the promotion of child abandonment does not relieve mothers from “difficult circumstances”, and only exacerbates the situation, “giving rise including remote negative consequences for the child and for the mother”. According to the Senator, a ban on the installation of baby-boxes will eliminate the legal gap in the Russian legislation that gave rise to “the evil practice of anonymous abandonment of newborn children in specially created places”.

Violation of the prohibition in the document proposed to be punished with an administrative fine in the amount from one to five million rubles or suspension of activities of a legal person for a period up to 90 days.

Earlier in the Duma was introduced a bill on the legalization of baby-boxes. It was sponsored by members of the Federation Council Vadim Tulpanov, Lilia Gumerova and Elena Afanasyeva, the development was also attended by the state Secretary of the Federal chamber of lawyers Konstantin Dobrynin. They expressed the view that “life” where you can anonymously leave an unwanted baby, not only save children and mothers from criminal liability. The government has considered the bill but did not support it.

The health Ministry said that the baby boxes will not solve the problem of infanticide mothers. As a rule, such crimes are committed “asocial women”, noted the Director of Department of medical aid to children and obstetric service of the Ministry Elena Baybarina.

Mizulina said that her government supported a bill to ban the baby boxes 28.09.2016

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