The Ministry of national security of the United States believes that elements of the infrastructure for holding General elections in the country, vulnerable to hacker attacks, and therefore does not exclude the possibility of influence on the dissemination of the voting results. It is reported TASS with reference to the American TV channel Fox News.

At the disposal of the TV channel got estimates prepared by the staff of MNB. In the document, for example, States that “many elements of the infrastructure of the U.S. elections may be vulnerable to intrusions in cyberspace.” The degree of risk varies from County to County, from used computer technology.

The broadcaster also pointed out that hackers can gain access to databases where information is stored about registered voters, and to limit the ability of people to vote.

In addition, through cyber attacks can be designed to distort the dissemination of information on preliminary election results.

The topic of cyber security has become in the US is extremely popular in recent months, after hackers broke into the system of staff of the candidate in presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton.

Main concern of American officials is falling on Russia, the Kremlin is interested in the victory of billionaire Republican Donald trump. Russian authorities, however, have repeatedly said about the stupidity of such statements.

U.S. elections will be held today, 8 November. Voters will elect the President and Vice-President, and also elect all 435 members of the house of representatives and 34 of 100 senators, Congress, governors in 12 States and two territories, and the mayors of 15 major cities.

MNS has warned the United States about the ability of hackers to affect the election 08.11.2016

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