Mobile billboards of famous cartoon series “South Park” caused discontent in the White house and in the Church of Scientology. The result is parked near the official residence of the President of the United States in Washington near the headquarters of Scientology in Los Angeles cars is the 20th season of the show was asked to leave. About it Hollywood Reporter said the Executive Vice-President of marketing of TV channel Comedy Central’s Walter Levitt.

The Billboard for the 20th season, which premiered on September 14, placed in seven districts across the country. They were shown episodes that occurred in those places near which was parked car.

Marketing not appreciated in the White house, the Lincoln memorial (Washington D.C.) and the Church of Scientology, told Levitt. According to him, the creators of the series knew it was risky, and understand that some organizations will not be happy to see the mention of “South Park.” However, the best way to celebrate an anniversary season than with a reminder of the most famous episodes, the creators of the show not found.

So, on the Billboard at the White house was a picture of Barack and Michelle Obama. It is on 179 th episode called “About last night”. It premiered on November 5, 2008, immediately after the elections, which were won by Obama. The episode parodied films about the robbery, including “ocean’s Eleven”.

On the Billboard at the residence of Scientologists mentioned the 137th episode “Trapped in the closet”. 12 episode of the 9th season of the animated series was released on 16 November 2005 and immediately caused a scandal. In the episode Stan recognized the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Church of Scientology. The most famous Scientologist, Hollywood actor Tom cruise, who was also mocked in the episode, according to press reports, threatened to terminate the agreement with Paramount Pictures regarding the filming of the movie “Mission impossible 3″ if Viacom again will release the episode aired.

Mobile billboards have been posted in other places, including at a skyscraper trump tower in new York designed by the current candidate in US presidents from Republican party Donald trump and the Equitable Life Assurance Company.

We’ve Been There. #SouthPark20

Mobile billboards of “South Park” did not like the White house and the Church of Scientology 28.09.2016

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