The American spacecraft Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter took a picture of the proposed location of the crash module, Schiaparelli Russian-European project “ExoMars-2016″. As stated on the website of the European space Agency, when compared with a photograph of the same spot taken in may, shows differences.

Scientists believe that the black spot in the picture is Schiaparelli, who fell from a height of 2-4 kilometers at a speed of about 300 kilometers per hour. Next bright spot is perhaps the parachute. In the next few days this place will take a picture with another camera onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The picture quality will be better.

Perhaps Schiaparelli suffered from-for explosion of fuel. The final cause of the incident will be established after analysis of all data.

. @NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has imaged changes on #Mars surface linked
to #ExoMars @ESA_EDM

Module Schiaparelli crashed while landing on Mars 22.10.2016

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