Fire and rescue units eliminated open burning in a shopping center Sindika on the ring road. TASS reported on Monday, October 9, in the Main Department of EMERCOM in Moscow region.

“07:03 declared the elimination of open flame. Continuing the pouring of the building and parsing of collapsed structures,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

The fire in the shopping center “grad”, located on the 65th km of MKAD, began around 15:00 on Sunday. He was awarded the third number of complexity. The fire area was 55 thousand square meters. The building was evacuated more than 3,000 people, three people were injured.

On the fire place continue to operate more than 350 people. In extinguishing were involved three helicopters, which dropped more than 600 tons of water.

As previously reported in the headquarters of the fire, extinguishing the fire was complicated by its rapid spread. By the time of arrival of firefighters the fire area already amounted to 1000 square meters. The fire originated in the warehouse of building materials, where in addition to stored paint products and containers. They and paint cans began to explode. Also blew up several cars in a nearby underground Parking.

The fire on the ventilation shaft and spread to the roof and other premises with a total area of 35 thousand square meters. Firefighters were withdrawn from the building as the inside work was impossible.

MOE reported on the elimination of open burning in the shopping center “grad” on the ring road 09.10.2017

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