The Parliament of Moldova has denied on Thursday the parliamentary immunity of former Prime Minister, former Chairman of the liberal democratic party (PLDM), Vlad Filat, accused of involvement in the embezzlement of funds from the banking system. The decision on deprivation of immunity was supported by all 79 (101 MP) deputies present in the courtroom. 19 the liberal Democrats left the room and voting was not adopted, reports the edition “Notepad Moldova”. Even before the vote, Filat declared that leaves the post of the leader of the PLDM, which is part of the ruling coalition “Alliance for European integration” together with the Liberal and Democratic parties.

With the demand to remove immunity Filat has earlier made by Prosecutor General Corneliu Gurin, who said that the Prosecutor General’s office appeared irrefutable evidence of corruption of former Prime Minister and his involvement in the theft of money. The first decision was supported by the legal Commission of Parliament – eight of its 11 members voted “Yes”, after which the decision was submitted to the General vote.

“The prosecution presented strong evidence linking Filat to the theft of money from the banking system. At least he facilitated the illegal withdrawal of at least $ 250 million. The attorney General persuaded the deputies in the necessity of this measure,” – said TASS the leader of the opposition Party of socialists Igor Dodon.

Prosecutors claim that in 2010 a well-known entrepreneur
Ilan Shor, the husband of Russian singer Jasmine, Filat gave 60 million dollars on his promotion company Dufremol, which has a network of duty free shops, and belongs to shore, reports “Interfax”. According to Gurin, the prosecution built on the testimony of the shore, which, after “the surrender” is cooperating with the investigation. As noted by the attorney General, on the basis of submitted documents, prosecutors found out and other violations that led to the theft of money from banks.

Before the vote, the Premier, speaking in Parliament, said that does not need parliamentary immunity. “The investigation will begin. I hope for a fair investigation, which will prove his innocence,” said the ex-Premier. Filat, who held the post of head of the Moldovan government for 2009-2013, also announced the resignation of the Chairman of the PLDM, handing the post of Prime Minister Valery Sagittarius.

Renato usatii promised for the “capture” Filat Mercedes

Meanwhile with Thursday morning outside the Parliament building continues many thousands of protest pursued by the opposition socialists and “Our party” headed by the mayor of the second largest Moldovan city of Balti, Renato Usatyi. The protesters blocked the entrances to the building that, according to them, to detain the Prime Minister if he decides to run, reported Reuters.

The protesters declared Moldavia, “a country captured by the oligarchs.” They demand the resignation of the leadership of the country, early elections and bring to justice officials implicated in stealing $ 1 billion from the banking system. Periodically participants of the rally are MPs who inform them about what is happening in the Parliament, reports “Interfax”.

The decision of the Parliament on lifting immunity from Filat has been enthusiastically welcomed by the protesters, as his accountability for the situation in the banking system is one of the main requirements of the participants.

The protesters are closely watching the political left the building
Parliament – they not only blocked the entrances, and exits on the perimeter. The operation is headed by the Chairman of “Our party” Renato usatii, who have set up roadblocks at the entrances to the Parliament and coordinates the actions of the protesters, occasionally speaking with a megaphone. Previously, as reported by RIA “Novosti”, Renato usatii promised to give Mercedes “a police officer who catches filata”.

Moldovan Parliament has stripped the immunity of former Prime Minister Filat, accused of corruption 16.10.2015

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