The President of Moldova, Igor Dodon said that if the NATO office will be opened in Chisinau this year, then in 2018, after the parliamentary elections, it will be closed.

The government “rushed to sign the agreement”, and the law office of NATO can now be opened on the territory of Moldova, but the important neutrality of the Republic, said the Moldovan leader in interview to the program “Opinion” on TV channel “Russia 24″. “We don’t need offices CSTO and NATO,” – said the President, adding that the government understand that it will be vetoed by the head of state, and for this reason do not insist on a rapid opening of the NATO office.

As noted Dodon, he warned the government that if they hurry up and still open the NATO office this year, “we after the parliamentary elections close”. “So why open that and then run off out of here?” – rhetorically asked the leader of Moldova.

“This is a provocation. This is a clear provocation. Because the cooperation that NATO was, is and good projects. For example, they helped to cope with some pesticides. So let’s continue in this direction, the office of NATO”, – said the President. We are talking about the project of liquidation warehouse with pesticides in the village of Budjac village, Comrat district, which was implemented under NATO program ended in December last year. All pesticides that poses a serious threat to the ecology, were taken to Poland, where there is a special burial ground for disposal. Funds for elimination of storage allocated by the European Union.

According to Dodon, the interested forces in no hurry to open NATO office “specifically in order to provoke our partners from the left coast”. “I can understand them. I began negotiations with them,” said the socialist leader, adding that the partners be warned – after the opening of the NATO office discussion comes to a standstill.

The President of Moldova stressed that during his visit to Brussels in early February for him, “it was crucial to meet with the NATO leadership that they know the principled position of the President of the Republic.”

At the end of November last year, Prime Minister of Moldova Pavel Filip and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg signed an agreement on opening a liaison office for NATO in Chisinau. The document later ratified by the Parliament of the Republic.

Under the Constitution, Moldova has a neutral status, however, since 1994, the Republic cooperates with NATO within the individual partnership plan. In the Republic information centre of the Alliance. Of the liaison office, NATO, the government planned to open in the spring in Kishinev.

In interview to the program “Opinion” of Igor Dodon reminded that the status of neutrality enshrined in the Constitution. “Besides, I came in September with the initiative and has offered NATO to sign a specific Declaration that NATO recognizes the neutrality of the Republic of Moldova”, – said the President, adding that Chisinau needs to reinforce the status documented.

We will remind, Igor Dodon, won the presidential elections in mid-November, was considered Pro-Russian candidate and his main rival Maia Sandu, on the contrary, defended the European orientation of Moldova. After taking office in late December, the new President of Moldova first sanctified his residence and ordered to remove the EU flag. Speaking in January in Moscow, where he arrived on an official visit, the President condemned the agreement which Moldova signed with the EU in 2014. He said that the new government might cancel it after the parliamentary elections of 2018.

Moldovan President promised to close NATO office if it opens in the country 17.02.2017

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