The Prosecutor’s office of Montenegro announced the names of Russians suspected of plotting the assassination of Prime Minister Milo Janukovich and the coup attempt. As reported by Vijesti, in the crime of the accused citizens of the Russian Federation Eduard Vladimirovich Shirokov and Vladimir Popov.

According to the investigative bodies, Shirokov and priests in late September, organized in Montenegro, Serbia and Russia the group to commit terrorist acts and assassinations of representatives of the authorities of Montenegro, the newspaper reports CDM. The recruitment of the coup, and for the purchase of equipment and weapons were answered by a Serbian nationalist Alexander Sindzhelich.

According to the investigation, which on Friday according to the Montenegrin press, Shirokov and Popov on September 26 in Moscow, met with associates from Montenegro and presented to them the plan of the coup, and also instructed to find as many people willing to join the conspiracy. According to prosecutors, 16 Oct Shirokov had another meeting with Sindzhelich where they discussed the elimination of the Prime Minister, Milo Djukanovic.

October 16, Montenegro held parliamentary elections. November 6, special Prosecutor of Montenegro, organized crime, Milivoj Catnic reportedthat on the eve of the elections the law enforcement bodies revealed the group consisting of about 50 Russians, Serbs and Montenegrins. They were planning a conspiracy, the purpose of which was the capture of the Parliament after the elections and the elimination of the Prime Minister. Catnic reported that 14 people were arrested in the case, and two Russians declared wanted.

The authorities clarified that the group organized the “Russian nationalists”. Milivoj Catnic clarified that the investigation has no evidence that a conspiracy connected to the Russian authorities. The Kremlin immediately said that Moscow has no relation to the exposed group.

On the days close to Serbian government sources British newspaper the Guardian reported that the Secretary of security Council of Russia Nikolay Patrushev during his visit to Belgrade allegedly apologized for attempting a coup in Montenegro, noting that the alleged conspirators acted independently, without the sanction of the Kremlin. As mentioned in the article, after the departure of the head of the security Council the Russians, who was accused of preparing a military coup and the assassination of Djukanovic, was deported from the country.

The newspaper also reported that during the arrest of Russian citizens was discovered 120 thousand Euro, uniform special forces and special equipment, allowing to organize the surveillance of the Prime Minister. As claimed by the journalists, the alleged offenders had planned to wear a police uniform to enter the building of the Montenegrin Parliament in Podgorica, Djukanovic and shoot. Then they allegedly planned to install the country’s Pro-Russian regime.

But Moscow has categorically denied set out in the Guardian the information that the police apologized for the “Russian nationalists”. The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova called the publication a classic example of provocation.

Montenegro announced the names of Russians allegedly planning to kill the Prime Minister 18.11.2016

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