Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic accused the opposition Democratic front in the conspiracy to seize power in Parliament, and murder him personally. The head of the government said on Wednesday, November 9, the TV channel Pink M.

According to him, the involvement of the opposition to conspiracy “no doubt”. “I consider this activity as participation in the preparation of my murder,” said the Prime Minister (quote from DW).

Democratic front of Montenegro – the Pro-Russian opposition coalition, which calls for closer ties with Russia and Serbia and opposes the country’s membership in EU and NATO. Previously, the Front has repeatedly denied the statements of the various media on the topic of his participation in the conspiracy to seize power and the displacement of the Prime Minister after the parliamentary elections of 16 October.

November 6, special Prosecutor of Montenegro, organized crime, Milivoj Catnic reportedthat on the eve of the elections were disclosed “powerful organization” of about 50 Russians, Serbs and Montenegrins. They were planning a conspiracy, the purpose of which was the capture of the Parliament after the election held on 16 October, and the destruction of the Prime Minister. According to Katica, 14 people were arrested, two Russians are wanted.

Katich stated that the group was organized by the “Russian nationalists”. However, he clarified that the law enforcement agencies of Montenegro do not have any evidence that the Russian authorities associated with the conspiracy. The Kremlin saidthat Moscow has nothing to do with what happened in Montenegro.

The main theme of the parliamentary elections in the Republic was the question of the vector. The ruling Democratic party of socialists of Montenegro, headed by Djukanovic, to the displeasure of the opposition and in favour of joining the EU and NATO. The socialists won the elections but lost the absolute majority and had to seek coalition. October 26, Djukanovic, who was at the head of Montenegro a total of 21 years, announced his resignation. His place will be Deputy Prime Minister, former head of security, Dusko Markovic.

Montenegro’s Prime Minister accused the opposition of attempting his murder 10.11.2016

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