A resident of Krasnoyarsk Vladislav Gultyaev set up a second in Russia, however, an unofficial monument to Ivan the terrible in the city of Kansk of Krasnoyarsk region. This he said on his page on the social network Facebook.

The composition consists of a wooden stake, painted red on top. “In existential terms, the monument symbolizes the inner core, which must be in every Russian man, or about any spirituality cannot be and speeches. Its graceful profile, looking straight up, shows the aspiration of our people for the glorious feats and the Titanic achievements. The blood on it suggests that the price we will not quibble,” wrote Gultyaev, placing the text under the photos of the monument.

According to the author, for the installation of his monument was inspired by the appearance of the monument to Ivan the terrible in the eagle. It was inaugurated on 14 October, despite public protests and a court ban.

Russia’s second monument to Tsar Ivan the terrible plan to open November 4 in Alexandrov, Vladimir region.

In addition, the country may receive the street of Ivan the terrible. This initiative was made by one of the public organizations of St. Petersburg.

Monument to Ivan the terrible in the form of Cola appeared in Krasnoyarsk region 24.10.2016

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