In India the day before, on 7 November, the holiday ended Chhath, dedicated to the Hindu sun-God Surya. Traditionally on this day Puja is performed, during which the Hindus give God thanks and asking about the well-being, healing, and fulfillment of desires. One of the important parts of the ritual is the bathing in the sacred rivers and reservoirs, as well as prayer and offerings to the rising and setting sun.

This year the worship of the sun, ended in the death of at least 20 people. Five people, including two children, were killed in Bihar under the wheels of a train, writes The Times of India , citing the police. The pilgrims were crossing the railway tracks near the station Rambhadrapur and was hit by the Express. Daily News & Analysis clarifies that the pedestrians did not notice the approach of the composition because of the morning fog. Two of the wounded were sent to the hospital, and local residents blocked the road and staged a protest, seeking from the railway authorities for payment of compensation to relatives of those killed.

Up to 18 people, according to various estimates, drowned in different parts of Bihar and Jharkhand. Hindustan Times believes that the victims were 12, however, notes that the death toll could rise, as the national response team natural disasters still in the process of searching for bodies. according to local media, the drowned – at least seven children. In the police report that two boys were saved from drowning by the participants of the ritual.

Photo essay on chhath-Puja, can be found in Indian Express.

More than 20 people died in India during the festival of worship to the sun God 08.11.2016

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