In Russia October 4 marks the 84th anniversary of the formation of civil defense (GO). On the same day, the country begins large-scale exercise for civil defense, according to the website of the Ministry.

The doctrine will pass in three stages over four days. According to the Ministry, just exercise will involve more than 40 million people, more than 200 thousand specialists of emergency rescue teams, as well as about 50 thousand units.

The main purpose of the training is “working out the issues of organization of management in carrying out activities of civil defense, prevention and liquidation of emergency situations and fires”. Exercise also will test the readiness of management bodies and forces ON all levels to take practical action to eliminate emergency situations of natural and technogenic character, and also to implement the measures.

“During a workout will be worked out practical measures for radiation, chemical and biological protection of workers and population in the event of emergencies on potentially dangerous objects. Also planned measures on protection of population from emergency situations on socially significant objects and objects with mass stay of people. Reactive forces in the area of conditional emergency situations are deployed positions of radiation, chemical and biological monitoring, health posts, in readiness will be given a network of laboratory control”, – reported rescuers.

Lead training is the head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov, reports “Interfax”. The exercise will involve all branches of emergency situations, including aircraft.

According to Puchkova, for the subjects of the Russian Federation provided different scenarios of the exercise, taking into account features of regions. For example, in Moscow will work out actions for elimination of consequences of a derailment with hazardous chemical substances.

All-Russian training in civil defence Day held in 2012 year. On this day, October 4, 1932, was formed the local anti-aircraft defense of the USSR, intended to protect cities and citizens from air strikes of the enemy. Since then this day is considered the birthday of civil defence – the first state system created to protect the population.

In the words of the head of the emergencies Ministry, “today, civil defense is a powerful system of protection of population and territories, which is constantly being improved and modern conditions solves wide range of problems to maximize to adequately respond to emerging risks and threats in peace and war”. The current exercise will be one of the events stipulated in the month of civil defense, which starts October 4 and will end on 3 November.

More than 40 million people take part in a large-scale training for civil defense 04.10.2016

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