More than five thousand people signed for the month the petition on the website with a request to assign the status of cultural heritage of Russia, bust of Joseph Stalin, voluntarily established in Surgut fans and Soviet leader dismantled by the city authorities.

In the petition addressed to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the authorities of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district, said that “thanks to Joseph Vissarionovich we live in a developing industrial, scientific, cultural, nuclear and space power”. He has given mankind the real freedom and set a high pace of development of society for many decades to come, indicate the signatories of the petition, listing the achievements of Stalin during the Second world war.

The opening of the monument in Surgut took place on September 15 at the new quay of the Ob river, where once stood the Surgut factory.
Money on him – about 150 thousand rubles – was collected via the Internet. However, city officials said that the installation of the monument on municipal property is illegal, and demanded it be dismantled. In this earlier city Commission on toponymics has given approval for the installation on this place the monument to victims of political repression.

After opening the unknown repeatedly doused the monument to the “father of all peoples” in red paint. On 6 October, the monument was dismantled and taken to the protected area management forestry of the city.

For and against

It is worth noting that on the website posted many petitions for and against the installation of monuments to Stalin in different cities of the country. For the last time in Russia already there were many memorable signs dedicated to Stalin.

In February 2016, the bust of Stalin was installed in the Pskov region. The appearance of a similar monument in Arkhangelsk, said the mayor of this city, however, the idea does not yet support the head of the region Igor Orlov. Against installation of a monument to Stalin in April, also supported the mayor of Novokuznetsk.

In September 2015, the monument of Lenin was mounted in the centre of Penza. In the same month, a three-meter figure of Stalin appeared in the Mari El Republic on the territory of the agricultural cooperative “Selanger”. In April of the same year in Ussuriisk with the consent of the authorities solemnly established a memorial Board of memory of Stalin.

Human rights activists said that the installation of any monument with the figure of Stalin blasphemous, in the Russian Orthodox Church urged fans of the leader of the “trasvase”, and the personal Confessor of Patriarch Kirill, Archimandrite Iliy called Joseph Stalin – a bandit and destroyer of Russian souls.

Previously, sociologists have documented the growth in the popularity of Stalin among Russian citizens.

More than 5 thousand people have signed a petition to Putin on the recognition of the monument to Stalin in Surgut cultural heritage 19.10.2016

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