More than 75% of Russians favor the preservation and development of nuclear energy in the country: 40,2% support the development of this industry, and 35.1% consider it necessary to retain the existing nuclear power station.

More than 42% of Russian citizens are sure that in the case when runs out these natural sources of hydrocarbons like oil and gas, it is the nuclear industry will be able to reimburse country energy loss, according to the Center for energy expertise , citing a public opinion poll conducted in August – September 2016 the analytical center “Levada-Center”.

Another 17.7% of respondents, answering the question, what source can replace oil and gas in Russia after their exhaustion, called hydropower.

The highest level of support for the peaceful atom was recorded in the Urals – 78,7% of the respondents. In the North-West Federal district 77.9% of the population believe that nuclear energy should be developed or maintained at the current level. The lowest indicators in the responses to this question were recorded in the far Eastern Federal district 50.8 per cent, which is understandable with the proximity to Japan, where has occurred the largest after the Chernobyl catastrophe the accident at the nuclear power plant at power plant “Fukushima-1″.

All were interviewed 3903 person aged 18 years and older for a representative sample of the population of all Federal districts of Russia.

Commenting on the findings, Deputy Director of “Levada-Center” Alexei Grazhdankin noted that the Russians have concluded that the nuclear industry is a promising energy development, knowing that burn non-renewable resources is unsustainable.

“This is not a universal point of view, but in some segments of the population it is expressed to a greater extent among people with higher education and high level of material wellbeing among young people and residents of medium – sized and large cities,” said Grazhdankin.

“The population perceives the nuclear industry in a more simple categories is bad or is good. According to the results of the conducted research we can see that nuclear power is seen as something good. However, to argue their point of view very few. But the fact remains – the impression about nuclear energy among the population was positive. We’ve been tracking it. In the short term after the Chernobyl accident it has deteriorated, but then in a few years recovered and in the last years practically does not change. Traces of Fukushima in relation to the we see when we analyze the data in far East region – there’s attitude to nuclear power is somewhat more restrained, but overall it is positive and there is also” – said the Deputy Director of “Levada-Center”.

More than 75% of Russians support the preservation and development of nuclear energy in the country 18.10.2016

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