More than 80 humanitarian and human rights organizations, including Human Rights Watch and Care International, has demanded to exclude Russia from the UN Council on human rights. This is stated in the joint statement of non-profit organizations.

The drafters of the document invited members of the Council countries to answer the question whether the role of Russia in Syria, which, in particular, “takes military operations that target civilians and civilian objects”, and to sit in the court of the UN.

Organizations were asked to answer this question on the eve of the vote on the UN Council on human rights, which will be held on Friday, October 28. While Russia, Hungary and Croatia in this vote will compete for the right to represent Eastern Europe.

As reported by RIA “Novosti”, on Friday, October 21, the UN Council on human rights at the special session in Geneva adopted a resolution on Syria, proposed by Britain. This document calls on all parties to the Syrian conflict.

In particular, the resolution is the requirement that all parties to the conflict, “in particular the Syrian authorities and their allies,” immediately performed all obligations under international humanitarian law.

Thus, according to the Agency, Russia presented on Thursday, 20 October, the draft resolution was not satisfied. The Russian side proposed to make several amendments. Moreover, the government considered it “completely inappropriate” to hold a special session of the Council on the situation in Aleppo.

Human rights organizations in their document said that Russia’s veto as a permanent member of UN security Council resolutions on the cease-fire in Aleppo and, in General, support for air strikes in Syria – all this is not, I believe the organization, principles and purposes of the Council.

The UN Council on human rights was created in 2006 to replace the Commission on human rights. The Council is responsible “for promoting universal respect for and protection of all human rights around the globe and for addressing situations related to violation of human rights and preparation of appropriate recommendations”.

More than 80 organizations have demanded to exclude Russia from the UN Council on human rights 25.10.2016

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