Most of the capital’s population supports the protests, angered by the introduction in the RF system “Platon”, truckers. 71% of Muscovites have somehow shared the views of disgruntled drivers. Such information was published by sociologists “Levada-centre” on its official website.

Among those who know about the protests of truck drivers, “definitely support” their 33%, 38% of respondents said that “most support” actions of truckers. The answer is “Rather negative attitude” was chosen by 8% of respondents “definitely negative attitude” – 5%. Another 12% said they are not interested in this theme, and 6% were undecided.

For the first time about the protests I heard from the sociologists by 21% of respondents. The majority (49%) of those who have already heard about them, learned about the actions of Federal TV channels and radio stations, 15% from independent. Another 26% of Moscow residents learned about the protests from online publications and social networks, 22% of respondents heard about them from relatives, acquaintances or friends. 2% found it difficult to say you know about the actions against “Plato”.

As explained by the sociologist “Levada-center” Stepan Goncharov in an interview with TV channel “Rain”, a protest by truckers Muscovites support even though the protesters are going to block roads in the capital. “Rig – this category of the population that is perceived by a majority as “their”. And the problem people get the credit”, – he explained.

According to him, the protest is supported by the truckers because he has a specific requirement – to abolish the system of “Plato”. However, they do not protest against the government in General, and no political demands. “Truckers appeal to the authorities to solve their problems. Is not the opposition of people and power. Who introduces this tax, who gets the profit? This is Rotenberg, their family. This oligarchy. And the oligarchs have never enjoyed great support among Russians,” – said Goncharov.

Political scientist Boris Makarenko, in turn, said that Moscow residents support the action because they made it power. “After the first pain signal to the society it is important how the other side reacts. Unfortunately, from the first of the protests just shrugged. Hurt not the “Plato” and that the government said she was painfully truckers case no. And support of Muscovites protest appeared when it became clear that the conflict is not resolved”, – explained the expert.

The state Duma on 4 December passed a bill that reduces almost 100 times (from 450 thousand to 5 thousand rubles) fines for the lack of truckers trackers – new systems that track the path and establishing the amount of payment.

From November 15 in Russia earned a system “Platon”, which will be charged for the passage of heavy vehicles. The fare is 1.53 rubles per a kilometer on Federal highways. It is planned that from March 1, this fee will be increased to 3.06 ruble per kilometer.

The introduction of the system caused a wave of protests from truckers. Currently truckers staged two protest camps – “Khimki”, which is located in the Parking lot near the shopping center “Mega-Khimki” and “Kashirsky” near Lyubertsy.

Medvedev: the majority of truckers support system “Platon”

Earlier, on December 9, answering a question of journalists about protests by truckers against the system “Platon”, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev saidthat the vast majority of carriers it signed, and is on strike only a small part. According to him, “not all truckers are on strike”. “700 thousand truckers have registered in the system of payments, it is an absolute, the vast majority of those who perform long distance transportation,” he said.

Medvedev noted that “any new payment no one likes”. “But the vast majority of carriers – a solid, large that perform, by the way, 85-90% of all transportation within the country, in this system”, – assured the head of the Cabinet. According to him, this will give you the opportunity to send in road funds of about 40-50 billion rubles, which is “not so little”.

Some carriers not registered “for various reasons”, said the Premier. “When we discussed this measure, and it is, incidentally, been discussed since 2011, it was clear that some of the traffic is performed “Serou” unregistered carriers and who knows what they carry”, – noted Medvedev.

In General, according to him, on the road in year spend about 1 trillion rubles, but the money you pay in most cases, the drivers of cars. “But those who actually acts on the road, drivers of large trucks, truck transport, pay virtually nothing. In all modern States they are involved in these expenses, it is absolutely normal, this is a good idea, and I think it should be brought to its logical end”, – stressed the head of government.

However, he stressed that made during the launch of the “Plato” technological bugs are fixed and reduced penalties. “Probably there were made some mistakes that had to be corrected. But they are not fatal, they are all fixed, it works,” – said Medvedev.

As for the psychological question, according to him, need to get used to that kind of transportation will have to pay. “All of this is included in the price of goods, and ultimately the carriers themselves do not suffer from this”, – said the head of the Cabinet. The Prime Minister reminded that it was decided to lower tariff for a specific period and the amount of the fees was “negligible for the vast majority of cargo which is transported in such a transport.” “Indeed, the fines, maybe, were somewhat overstated. But now, on the proposal of the government, the state Duma and the Federation Council their revised and lowered. Therefore, I believe that tweaking the system,” added the Prime Minister.

Medvedev concluded that “Plato” will bring additional investment in roads. “We have a common place is to abuse the Russian roads. Money-where them to take? the Prime Minister said. – Absolutely clearly, that to a greater extent all this is affected by the trucks, and they should all be involved. We must learn to pay for such services. Not always unpopular measures were well received, but ultimately, they bring important economic benefits”.

More than half of Moscow residents support the protest truckers 10.12.2015

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