More than half of Russians in the survey were able to say exactly what holiday is celebrated in Russia on 4 November. This is the maximum value, which sociologists managed to capture for all time of existence of the national unity Day. In 2016, the holiday is celebrated already for the 12th time.

In the survey, 56% of respondents could not correctly specify the name of the holiday, reported“Interfax” in the “Levada-Center”.
At the same time in 2005, when national unity Day was celebrated for the first time, this figure was only 8%, in 2010 – 36%.

At the same time, 16% of respondents believe that the November 4, Russia celebrates
Day of accord and reconciliation (celebrated before November 7, but since 2005 the decree of the President ceased to be a day off), 6% – the October revolution Day (celebrated in the Soviet Union November 7), 3% – Day of liberation from Polish-Lithuanian invaders (thematically identified correctly, but the wrong name).

However, 17% of respondents still don’t know the name of the holiday or refused to answer the survey.

Although the awareness of Russians about Putin’s regime established the festival for 12 years, has clearly improved, most are not going to celebrate it. Among the respondents, 20% are going to celebrate the Day of national unity on 4 November. Another 14% will celebrate the Day of the October revolution on 7 November. While 58% are not going to mention neither the one nor the
other celebration.

The survey “Levada-Center” was held on October 21-24 among 800 people over the age of 18 in 137
settlements 48 regions of the Russian Federation.

In 2014, sociologists of Fund “Public opinion”
found that 10 years of existence, national unity Day significantly increased the number of Russians who approve of the occasion. In 2004, the question “whether or not Russia needs such a holiday as the Day of national unity”, 46% of respondents said they need 38% of the respondents did not agree with them. In 2014, the festival has seen fit 63% and only 19% called it unnecessary.

In 2013, according to FOM, only 31% of Russians knew that the November 4 holiday is celebrated in Russia. The rest disagreed.

All the years that there is a holiday, national unity Day in the Russian cities held marches and rallies of nationalist movements under the name “Russian March”. This year the Moscow authorities have agreed on holding a rally in Lublin, before turning down several requests of the organizers. In 2015, the split among right-wing radicals led to the fact that on 4 November in the capital were three actions under the same name “Russian March”.

Also this year, in Day of national unity on Borovitskaya square in Moscow held a solemn opening of the 16-foot monument to Prince Vladimir. The monument it was decided to build, in spite of the appeals of architects not to disturb the historic landscape of the capital.

In addition, on 4 November in the town of Aleksandrov, Vladimir oblast will open the second in Russia a monument to Tsar Ivan the terrible. The opening of this monument took place on 14 October in Orel, despite the protests of local residents against the installation of a monument to controversial historical figures.

National unity day – a public holiday, which is celebrated in Russia on 4 November every year since 2005. Coincides with the day of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God. According to the Labour code of the Russian Federation is a holiday. In 2016 the Russians have a rest from Friday 4 November to Sunday 6 November.

The initiators of the establishment of the holiday was the Russian Orthodox Church and leaders of the main religious confessions of Russia. This holiday appeared in Russia in memory of the events of 1612, when the militia led by Kozma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky liberated Moscow from Polish invaders. Historically this holiday is connected with the end of the time of Troubles in XVII century.

More than half of Russians now know that they celebrate the 4th of November 03.11.2016

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