The number of homes and businesses in the U.S. state of Florida, were left without electricity as a result of impact of hurricane “Irma” has exceeded three million. Such data as transfers TASS, announced by CNN, after analyzing the data obtained from the five largest energy companies in the state.

A few hours ago the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott estimated the number of disconnected objects in half a million. The head of the company Florida Power & Light Eric Silagy suggested that “Irma” will leave without light 9 million Florida residents.

The national centre for monitoring hurricanes USA meanwhile, reports that “Irma” has caused a storm tide water height of 2.1 metres on the coast near the city of Naples. The rise of water occurred very rapidly: this mark was reached in just 90 minutes.

According to the experts, “Irma” is the most powerful storm recorded in the Atlantic ocean for all time of observations. On Tuesday, it reached category five on the Saffir – Simpson scale. The maximum wind speed within it was 82 meters per second.

On Sunday, however, meteorologists said the hurricane weakened to the second category. Its epicenter is now located 40 kilometers Southeast of Fort Myers.

Note that yesterday the forecast on the “Irma” was voiced by Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand. “I have been asked whether the impact of these cyclones to be felt on the territory of our country. No, of course. But it’s so unusual happened that this was the “attitude” associated with the name of a city, a hurricane will have to Russia. The direction of the main blow “Irma” is in the city of St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg), and it will truly be a terrible blow,” – said the expert.

“Irma” is raging in the Caribbean from mid-week, greatly affecting Puerto Rico, and the Islands owned by great Britain, France and the Netherlands. According to recent reports, in the Caribbean as a result of the disaster killed at least 22 people. On some Islands a hurricane destroyed over 90% of the buildings.

More than three million homes and businesses in Florida were left without electricity due to Typhoon “Irma” 11.09.2017

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