The Federal service for military-technical cooperation officially confirmed the fact of concluding the deal with Saudi Arabia to supply anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 and other weapons.

“We confirm that with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reached an agreement on deliveries of air defense systems s-400, anti-tank missile complexes “Kornet-EM”, systems TOS-1A, automatic grenade launcher systems AGS-30, Kalashnikov AK-103″ – quoted TASS the press service of the Ministry.

The cost of the transaction, the timing of its implementation and other details were not given.

Earlier, Saudi media reported on the signing of a Memorandum of understanding for the purchase from Russia of s-400 “Triumph” anti-tank missile complexes “cornet”, heavy flamethrower system salvo “Pinocchio”, automatic mounted grenade launchers AGS-30, and AK-103. The Russian side assured Riyadh in the transfer of technology and localization of production in the Kingdom.

Sources of the newspaper “Kommersant” earlier it was noted that the exact parameters of the deal will be discussed at a meeting of the government Commission on VTS at the end of October. It is expected that the Saudi military can purchase four divisions of Triumphs 2 billion dollars, and also start the production of Kalashnikov rifles and ammunition for them.

Previously, Saudi Arabia purchased from the United States anti-missile technology on billions of dollars, including Patriot missiles used to shoot down ballistic missiles fired by Houthis in Yemen in the last few years.

Saudi Arabia has become the second U.S. ally that is interested in buying Russian s-400, after Turkey. Recall that in late September it became known that Russia has received from Turkey a Deposit for the supply of anti-aircraft missile systems. Then the Russian presidential aide Vladimir Kozhin said that the transfer of the Ankara technology speech does not go yet.

Until now, Moscow managed to agree on the supply of systems s-400 only in China and Turkey. At the same time, Vladimir Kozhin has assured that Russia lined up the “real line” from the countries of Southeast Asia, the Middle East and some of the member States of the CSTO.

After Saudi media reported about the arms deal with Russia, the U.S. state Department immediately endorsed the sale to Saudi Arabia of anti-missile systems THAAD cost $ 15 billion. Earlier it was reported that Saudi Arabia asked the US for 44 launcher THAAD, 360 interceptor missiles, and command and control and radar for these complexes. The U.S. Congress must approve or reject the transaction within 30 days.

According to experts, Moscow would have to demand complete in advance of the agreement, as Russia already have negative experience of military-technical cooperation with Saudi Arabia when Saudi Arabia’s promises were made on the purchase of Russian weapons and large-scale preliminary agreements that have not resulted in anything concrete.

S-400 “Triumph” (NATO classification – SA-21 Growler) anti – aircraft missile system long-range. She was put into service in 2007 and designed to destroy aircraft, cruise and ballistic missiles, including medium range, can be used against ground targets.

Moscow and Riyadh have agreed to supply s-400 and other weapons – are now officially 09.10.2017

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