In Moscow have considered irrelevant the question of the resumption of the humanitarian pause in Syria’s Aleppo. Russian Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that the ceasefire can be re-introduced in the city, if opponents of Russia, that is, the international coalition led by the USA, will affect the opposition groups, forcing them to abide by the truce.

The diplomat recalled that the humanitarian pause ended in Aleppo on Saturday, October 22, reports TASS. “In order to that you can return, it is necessary that our opponents have provided adequate behavior of anti-government groups, which, in particular, disrupted medical evacuation estimated in the previous humanitarian pause,” – said Deputy foreign Minister of the Russian Federation.

While Ryabkov accused the West of indifference to the fate of the residents of Aleppo, on the grounds that members of the international coalition alleged did not affect the militants during the three-day humanitarian pause. According to him, Moscow is convinced that most claims against Damascus and Russia “is aimed at warming up the atmosphere, to create certain disadvantageous political situation”. “It’s quite clear the game, no worries about the humanitarian situation in Aleppo, this was not worth it, – said the Deputy Minister.

According to Ryabkov, if those involved in attacks on Moscow, “really soul ached for the fate of civilians,” Aleppo, they would “really affect the opposition to the militants.” “There has not been what was required for the past three days, so now the question of the resumption of the humanitarian pause is not relevant”, – concluded the Deputy foreign Minister.

Washington, meanwhile, continues to considerthat Russia is not at war in Syria against the “Islamic state” (ISIS, the terrorist group banned in Russia), but only fueling the civil war and contributed to the escalation of the humanitarian crisis. This was said yesterday by the Minister of defence, Ashton Kutcher. The head of the Pentagon has criticized Moscow’s unwillingness to expand areas of cooperation in the field of air operations in Syria.

Meanwhile, on Monday, October 24, Syrian state media reported the seizure by government troops of hill Base in the South of Aleppo that was controlled by the rebels, reports BBC. Hill Base is located in close proximity to several military bases. However, the Syrian Supervisory Board for human rights (SOHR), based in Britain, said that the capture of hill Base in Syria was preceded by a massive bombardment. Government media claim that the rebels fired controlled by the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad districts of Aleppo. According to them, the victim of the attack was one man, and seven more were injured.

Last Saturday the Russian and Syrian planes resumed the bombing of Aleppo, after a short ceasefire. The humanitarian pause began to operate in the city on October 20 and then was extended until the evening of the 22nd.

The ceasefire was intended for the release of civilians, the evacuation of the wounded and sick, as well as to ensure that the city could leave the militants blocked in the Eastern districts. Originally it was about an eight-hour humanitarian pause, then the UN has said that this may not be enough for the delivery of humanitarian aid, after which it was decided to allocate for this purpose for 11 hours.

On the cessation of the bombing of videoconferencing and air force of Syria Moscow announced on 18 October, after the European Union allowed the recognition of actions of Russia in Aleppo, war crimes, and in anticipation of the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting “Norman Quartet” in Berlin. In addition, the cease-fire coincided with a summit of EU leaders in Brussels to discuss the possibility of introducing sanctions against Russia because of the situation in Syria, but any state not proposed the adoption of punitive measures.

Meanwhile, in the Mediterranean sea continues the Russian naval group headed by aircraft-carrying cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov”. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has expressed concernthat the Russian ships could be used for strikes on Aleppo. In addition, a senior diplomat of the Alliance, referring to Western intelligence services, told Reuters that Russia deploys in the Mediterranean all of the Northern fleet and most of the Baltic for the final assault on Aleppo in two weeks.

Moscow announced a resumption of the humanitarian pause in Aleppo 24.10.2016

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