The Church of the Resurrection in Moscow, which is part of the object of cultural heritage of Federal value “Ensemble of Krutitsa, XV-XVII centuries”, donated to the Russian Orthodox Church. This information appeared on may 15 on the website of financial-economic management of the ROC.

The transfer took place by the decision of the territorial administration of Rosimushchestvo in Moscow on 21 March 2017, the report States.

The current building of this temple consists of a basement with graves Krutitskij metropolitans basement and the upper layer, Dating from the mid-eighteenth century. The Northern side chapel of St. Nicholas constructed in 1516.

In the crypts under the chapel of St. Nicholas are buried Bishop Euthymius, who died in 1499, Bishop Simeon (1583) and Bishop Dositheus (1544). Here lie the Metropolitan gelasii (1602), Bishop Hilarion (1754), and a Theodore.

Krutitskoe farmstead was founded in the XIII century, first as a monastery and then as the residence of the bishops Sarsky and Podonsky. The architectural monument of the XVII century. The former branch of the State historical Museum.

Located in Tagansky district of Moscow at the intersection of the Krutitskaja street and 1st Krutitsky lane. The name of the farmstead comes from the word “Krutitsy”, denotes in the ancient hills on the left Bank of the Moscow river below the mouth of the Yauza.

Since 1991, the metochion of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, since 2001 it houses the Department of the ROC for youth.

Moscow Church of the Resurrection on the Krutitsy transferred to the gratuitous use of the Russian Orthodox Church 16.05.2017

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