Director of the Moscow PR-Agency Roman Maslennikov, who became famous in the spring of his claim to “Yandex” for baldness from bad news from the Internet, filed a lawsuit against the television station “Ostankino”, demanding compensation for moral damages in the amount of nearly one million rubles for a “stupefying of the population the programs they produce”. About the Maslennikov has informed RIA “news”.

In the lawsuit, which cites the Agency, Maslennikov claims that acquired dependence on television: “If I have a day not watching TV at least 30 minutes, my mood deteriorates, decreases appetite and thereby disturbed metabolism throughout the body”.

After that, points Maslennikov, he began to watch TV every day for at least two hours and came to the conclusion that noticeably dumb for six months of this practice: “for six months I watched TV more than two hours a day and came to the conclusion that my level of intelligence dropped significantly, I have dramatically worsened memory and I can’t remember what I did the other day,” reads the lawsuit.

The plaintiff noted “the deteriorating mental health,” inhibition of thought processes due to information overload, which is broadcast on TV in the form of advertising, talk shows, news, serials.

Maslennikov requires the television station to compensate moral damages in the amount of 987 600 rubles and to oblige FGUP TTC “Ostankino” to inform the audience about the harm from watching TV.

In early may, Moscow’s Khamovniki court refused Maslennikov claim to “Yandex”, in which he accused the company of his baldness because of the negative news and demanded compensation of one million rubles.

Some social media users praised the PR man for the use of lawsuits for advertising his company: “Roman Maslennikov, maybe bald, and dulled, but the PR still has an eye”. On the page of the entrepreneur in Facebook friends hint to him that a joke repeated twice, is not so funny: “repeat repeat”, “First time was ice, the second is not the same”. “You can not please everyone”, – says Maslennikov.

He added that he began to watch TV “in plewinski”, but “is not right”, but what it implies is not explained. Probably refers to the Buddhist ways to watch TV, described in the novel of Victor Pelevin “Generation P”. In the first stage, the TV looks with the sound turned off, the second with sound enabled, but disabled image. Third, the most perfect technique is to watch off the TV: “I Watch all news programs, but the TV does not include”.

With stupefying occurring through the TV, tried to fight in 2005-2006, former Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov, but he preferred the term “mental debilitation of the population.”

Moscow PR man, balding, supposedly from “Yandex” has filed a lawsuit against the doctor for stupefying television programs 18.11.2016

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