On Monday, the Moscow regional court has pronounced a sentence 25-year-old Dmitry Kolesnikov, who was found guilty in the brutal murder of four people. Victims of the offender became an employee of the company “Rosneft” Elena Pereverzev and her three young children. The remains of the victims were found in a burned-down country house, where he was accepted as a suitor of the eldest daughter Helena. According to investigators, Kolesnikov acted in collusion with the victim’s daughter, who wanted to receive an inheritance and spend it on foreign trips.

The decision of the court Dmitry Kolesnikov will serve a life sentence in prison. And the first 10 years he will spend in prison, and will then be sent to a penal colony of special regime, according to the official website of the Moscow regional court.

The verdict based on the verdict of the jury rendered on 6 March 2017. Kolesnikov was unanimously found guilty on all counts charged and not deserving indulgence.

It is established that Dmitry Kolesnikov during the period from 2010 to 2014, was in close relationship with the victim’s daughter and the same age as Daria Pereverzeva. She also is accused of killing his mother and wanted.

According to investigators, Daria plotted to kill Elena and one of his brothers, Then the intruder intended to adopt the remaining children inherit the status of the mother and to travel, he said in court. For assistance in the implementation of the plan Daria promised to give Dmitry belonging to her two-bedroom apartment in Moscow, as well as the ability to use the other inherited from the mother’s property. Kolesnikov agreed to play the role of a killer.

September 6, 2014 Dmitry came in a two-storey house of the victim Elena, located in the cottage village of Terekhovo in Khimki city district. During the quarrel he struck 43-year-old mistress at least one blow to the head with a glass bottle, and then began to choke elbow. Finding the right rope, the young man strangled the victim.

The next victim was 12-year-old son Helena. Knocking the boy to the ground with his fist, Kolesnikov was clutching his neck elbow before death, reports the official website of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.

Fearing that the other children (three-year-old boy and girl) slept in the house, would give him Kolesnikov has set fire to the home, “what caused the victim to Elena considerable damage and killed two young victims,” reads the press release of the court.

Taking off his clothes, Kolesnikov put it on the gas stove and lit it. Younger children died, having poisoned with burning products.

“The very same Kolesnikov, with the aim of creating an alibi, got up to the bathroom located on the second floor, opened the window and began to call for help,” – said the Prosecutor’s office.

After extinguishing the fire the remains of the dead were found in the ashes. The fire was extinguished by helicopter, but the house burned almost completely. Dmitriy Kolesnikov at the last moment out of the burning house and claimed that the residents of the cottage and himself allegedly attacked by a gang of robbers.

We will add, that the deceased Elena Pereverzeva was the hereditary employee of Rosneft. In the same company for many years her father worked Ivan Chernov. Since 2006, the 76-year-old Ivan Chernov is Director of the Department of strategic and international projects of “Rosneft”.

The investigation was also advanced version of what Dmitry asked for Elena’s hand and her daughter’s heart. But the employee “Rosneft” has rejected the offer of marriage, calling Kolesnikova “rogue”. The altercation allegedly led to the murder.

The version of the murder of the daughter because of the conversations about the wedding denied Ivan Chernov. In his opinion, Elena could not offend Dmitri, alluding to his material disadvantage. Besides, she didn’t mind his romance with her daughter Dasha, which lasted several years.

The press also drew attention to the inconsistency in the main version of the murder because of an inheritance. Daria, as suggested, could not know that is not the only heir to live with grandma and grandpa.

Dmitry Kolesnikov was found guilty under paragraph “a, b, e, h, K” of part 2 of article 105 (“Murder of two and more persons, including minors, committed publicly dangerous method, from mercenary motives, with the purpose to hide other crime”), part 2 of article 167 (“Deliberate destruction of another’s property causing considerable damage by an arson”) of the criminal code. In the course of preliminary investigation the young man repeatedly changed the indications. The last word in court he has declared his innocence. “I didn’t kill anyone. I of this crime have no relation”, – quotes the words of Dmitry Moskovsky Komsomolets.

Daria Pereverzeva 2015 absconded in Thailand, where her father organized a diving school. The prosecution, the girl was presented in absentia, wrote earlier press.

22 Dec 2016 Darya Pereverzeva independently came to give
testimony at the trial of his accomplice. The girl was detained, and the next day arrested. The guilt she flatly
denies, reports “Interfax”.

She was charged with part 3 of article 33, paragraph “a,, h” of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code (“murder of two and more persons, including a minor, committed from mercenary motives”), reports TASS.

Moscow regional court sentenced to life the fiancé of the daughter of an employee of Rosneft, who organized the murder of a mother and her three children for the inheritance 17.04.2017

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