Staff of the interregional public organization “Committee for the prevention of torture” to investigate the circumstances of the detention of the Metropolitan police the driver of Dilshodbek Achmatova. He was suspected of stealing tens of thousands of rubles owned by the client. He Eshmatov claims that at the police station he was beaten, demanding to confess to the crime.

“We have appealed to the interests Achmatova in the Investigation Committee report the crime. We also began to conduct its own public investigation,” – said the lawyer of the Moscow branch of mroo “Committee for the prevention of torture” Sergey Babinets. The details of the arrest Achmatova given on the website of the NGO.

Car Dilshodbek Achmatova was stopped by traffic police on the evening of 9 September. The driver, the guards reported that his vehicle is wanted. Then Achmatova was taken to the police Department of the area of Veshnyaki in Moscow. There in the presence of witnesses from the car taxi driver was seized and fifty thousand rubles.

After that, according to Dilshodbek, the police Department, several employees of the interior Ministry beat him, demanding to confess to the theft of 55 thousand roubles the young passenger, he drove late at night on September 9.

“His fists beat. On my head wearing a hood. On the feet,” recalled Dilshodbek.

As told Eshmatov your lawyer, if this execution was attended by the investigator playing the role of “good guy”. The detective offered to the detainee to rid yourself of suffering and
to give grateful evidences. Thus, according to the investigator, Eshmatov will ease their plight and will be able to return home to his wife and children.

The next day the suspect was taken to the city hospital N69, where the surgeon recorded the taxi driver closed fracture of the ribs.

12 September Dilshodbek was taken to court, where he was elected a measure of restraint in form of detention. On the same day of admission to the detention facility the health worker had the act available to Achmatova injuries: “closed fracture of the eleventh rib to the left without displacement, sternal hematoma, abrasion of the left forehead”.

Human rights activists talked to suspect his wife Farida. The woman said that her husband’s phone repeatedly rang a man posing as a police officer named Alexander. According to Farida, the policeman offered her to come to the Department of the interior and to persuade her husband to confess to the crime.

“This, Alexander said that if I need a husband, I will come and make him talk,” said Farida.

As the woman was at home with young children, she asked friends to go to the police to her husband. Double-friends of Dilshodbek came to the police station and saw him there. And both times he said that crime is not made and will not negotiate themselves.

Moscow taxi driver suspected of stealing 55 thousand rubles from the passenger, complained of police torture 25.10.2016

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