The Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova participated in the state Duma a report on the work done over the past year, expressing a number of proposals. So, during her speech, she urged members to index the salaries of security officials and bailiffs, to amend the bill on the acclaimed renovationand also to simplify the procedure of registration of immigrants in the Russian Federation.

Speaking about the security forces, Moskalkova noted that “the salaries of this category of our highly qualified professionals, which depends on the stability in the state, the preservation of the Russian state, the security of the country”, were not indexed for over five years. “I would ask you, members, in the consideration of the budget law, pay very close attention,” said the Ombudsman (quoted by “Interfax”).

Moskalkova also asked the deputies to raise the salaries of the bailiffs. Wages “totally inadequate” the contribution that they make to the solution of the question of debt recovery of wages, said the Ombudsman.

Moskalkova also noted that in order to provide judicial officers the opportunity to collect the fines in full, you need to update the legislation of the Russian Federation. “We believe every penny in the budget, and 14 billion rubles have been recovered in the past year, the bailiffs of the fines. Here are our reserves. And I think it is very important to arm the bailiffs powerful new legislation that allows them to accomplish this important task,” she said.

The Ombudsman asked the state Duma to make four amendments to the bill on the renovation of the housing stock in Moscow. “I introduced four amendments: to people offer not one but several options to choose from. Second to them after the court decision not to evict immediately, as it is now in the bill, and according to the usual procedures contemplated by the court; to the basis for the appeal was not only the area, but also other issues; that the appeal period was 90 days,” she explained.

Another proposal to the deputies concerned migrants. Moskalkova proposes to expand opportunities for registration of immigrants in the Russian Federation, in particular to allow check-in at the municipalities. “Register must be either at the seat of the municipality, or at other social spaces, defined by law for registration. We have already made in the last convocation of steps to simplify the procedure for obtaining citizenship. But it did not get a territory,” she said.

In addition, Moskalkova urged the state Duma to return to consideration of the draft law on competition as multiples of the time of detention until the sentence comes into legal force. More than seven years he is in the state Duma without movement, she explained.

According to the Ombudsman, it is also necessary to solve the question about the transfer of prisoners closer to their place of residence and exemption in connection with a serious illness, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

In addition, Moskalkova urged MPs to intensify work on solving environmental problems in the regions, reports TASS. The Ombudsman recalled that 2017 announced by the President of the Russian Federation the year of the environment, and meanwhile in some regions of the country there was a severe environmental situation. “In the Ivanovo region located 31 of the dump, the maximum service life for most of them expired long ago. Dozens of asphalt plants pollute the atmosphere in the Krasnoyarsk region. Extremely unfavorable environmental atmosphere in Murmansk, Ufa, Chelyabinsk oblast and Khabarovsk Krai, which is only the port “Vanino” she said in a speech.

Earlier, on may 5, Moskalkova has submitted its annual report to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. In it she noted that the situation in the sphere of human rights is quite complicated – “there is a General tendency of increase of complaints”, but positive changes are taking place.

She also made a number of proposals, among them: the release of seriously ill prisoners, the payment of the debt on the currency mortgages at the old rate, relocation serving a sentence in a prison closer to relatives, as well as the creation of the Eurasian Alliance ombudsmen. We talked about high profile cases – Vladimir Putin promised to speak to the Prosecutor General and interior Minister about the situation of sexual minorities: the Ombudsman was asked to create an interdepartmental working group. For the first time to the report of the Commissioner for human rights was accompanied by the human rights interactive map with all the information around the country, wrote “RG”.

During the meeting, the Russian leader promised to ask the Prosecutor General and the interior Minister of the Russian Federation to assist in checking the situation with the violation of gay rights in the North Caucasus.

Moskalkova, the Ombudsman asked the state Duma to index the salaries of security officers and bailiffs 17.05.2017

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