More than half of Russians do not support the proposal of Senator Elena Mizulina to ban on baby-boxes, according to a survey conducted by Fund “Public opinion” (FOM). Interviewed citizens of the Russian Federation of 18 years and older 16 Oct 2016 (53 constituent territories of the Russian Federation, 104 settlements, 1,500 respondents). Statorseite not exceed 3.6%.

The majority of respondents (55%) do not support the proposal to ban the baby boxes, of which 25% believe that baby-boxes – “chance of saving the lives of abandoned children”, and 18% believe that children in the case of prohibition would be to throw in other places. In turn, 14% of respondents support the ban, of which 7% is explained by the fact that in this case “will be less abandoned children”.

In addition, 57% of respondents believe that the increase in the number of baby-boxes will not change the situation for the better, and 22% believe that throwing children will be more likely. 47% of Russians do not know what the baby boxes.

Proposal to bring abortion out of the insurance system was supported by 22%, opposed by 62% of respondents.

Mizulina, the bill sparked heated debate in the society and negative opinion of the government, which called for significant revision of this document. However, Mizulina refused to amend his bill. The Senator said that he sees no reason to modify it before the first reading in the state Duma, “it is logical to make amendments to the second reading”.

In late September, she hastened to informthat the government has approved its bill, but then it turned outthat it is not. It also became known that more than 260 thousand people have signed a petition on the portal against the legal prohibition of baby-boxes.

Mizulina proposes to prohibit the organization of anonymous abandonment of children, and for violation penalties ranging from one to five million rubles or suspension of activities of a legal person for a period up to 90 days.

In the opinion of the Cabinet indicated that the projected article 6.19 of the code of administrative offences “requires clarification as the wording allows for broad interpretation of the objective side of the projected administrative offense”. This may give rise to inconsistent enforcement, including judicial practice, warned in the White house.

Also, the government recalled that the Convention on the rights of the child provides that every child has the inherent right to life and the right to know their parents and be cared for by that States parties to the Convention must ensure, in accordance with their national legislation.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation said that the baby boxes will not solve the problem of infanticide mothers, because such crimes tend to be crimes of “asocial women”.

The main merit in the appearance belongs to the Perm Foundation “Cradle of hope” and its President Elena Kotova. Now in Russia there are 20 baby boxes in 11 regions, in 16 subjects of the Federation in negotiations.

The cost of one “life” – about 400 thousand rubles. This amount includes the design, installation, commissioning and system for SMS-notification: messages about what box they were opening, come on a mobile phone in the Fund.

The first baby-boxes appeared in 2011 in Perm and Krasnodar Krai, and then in Tyumen, Kursk, Stavropol and Yekaterinburg. At the same time started the project “Anonymous childbirth”: Foundation staff work hard to ensure that women know about this possibility, and the doctors were very understanding.

The Foundation believes that if women are assured of anonymity, they are likely to prefer to give birth in hospitals than at home, and in this case, the child will not be in danger, and the specialists will be able to speak with the mother and to somehow help.

Most Russians don’t like the idea to ban the baby boxes 28.10.2016

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