The mother of the activist Ildar Dading, who was convicted for violating the order of conducting meetings and said about torture in the Karelian colony, received an anonymous message about the death of his son. After that, the woman was taken to hospital with a suspected stroke. This was reported by the wife Dading Anastasia Zotova.

“Unknown to the characters in social networks began to send out native Ildar reports that he “was found hung in his cell”. Well, if the message I received, you know what to believe these anonymous letters is impossible. But read the mother. Which, as everyone already knows, a weak heart. Summary – ambulance and the hospital,” Zotov wrote on his page in Facebook.

The wife of the activist was offered to law enforcement to take custody of family Dading. While Zotov in his post shared the link to the entry in the social network “Vkontakte”, which, in particular, is spreading false information about the death of Dading in the colony.

The Dading mother and other relatives of prisoners in the penal colony N7 Karelian city of Segezha have written a letter to the presidential administration, asking Vladimir Putin to take control of the investigation of cases of violence of prison staff.

In a letter to relatives say that in Segezha colony their “relatives subjected to sophisticated bullying”, which they told the members of the HRC Igor Calepina and Paul Chikova and the Ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova, who came to the colony after complaints the Dading.

“Despite considerable attention and the arrival of Moscow human rights defenders, perpetrators of torture the staff of IK-7 had not even been dismissed, and the Complainants were in their full power. In the end, everyone who dared to complain of any torture suffered even more severe beatings”, the letter reads mothers.

Ildar Dading – Russia’s only convicted under article 212.1 after her appearance in the new edition of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation in the summer of 2014. In December 2015, he was sentenced to three years in a General regime colony. In March 2016, the Moscow city court has mitigated the sentence to activist for six months.

Mother Ildar Dading, received anonymous messages about her son’s death, taken to hospital with a suspected stroke 25.11.2016

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