The mother of the former head of Department of internal economic security of YUKOS Aleksei Pichugin, who was sentenced to life imprisonment, appealed to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with an open letter, asking to pardon her son. In it she said that the previous petition for pardon addressed to the prisoners, Putin is not reached – though under the Constitution he has to decide this question. The letter of Alla Pichugina published “Novaya Gazeta”.

The former employee of security service of Yukos, Pichugin was serving a life sentence for the murder of Nefteyugansk mayor Vladimir Petukhov. The mayor, accusing YUKOS in evasion from payment in the local budget, was murdered on 26 June 1998 – the birthday of ex-Yukos CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Pichugin a consequence considered as the organizer of the murder.

Pichugin’s mother, Alla the letter indicates that he was not allowed family visits, and “just talking through the glass twice a year.”

However, she writes, “I in no way want You to soften. I just brought to the last point of despair.” Referring to Putin, she pointed out: “Even my son’s petition for clemency, addressed in accordance with the Constitution, You did not reach You… That is officially confirmed, even Your dear spokesman. Alex refused to pardon is, obviously, even without reading the paper, one stroke of the pen Governor of the Orenburg region. I was amazed that a petition for clemency from prisoners do not reach You as to the guarantor of the Constitution, which provides that the question of pardon only the President decides”.

Alla Pichugina said that her son wants only “to pray, to be with family, children and grandchildren.”

Pichugin appealed to Putin with a petition for clemency, but was refused. The exemption document was signed by Yury Berg, Governor of Orenburg region, reminiscent of “Rain”. This region is a colony “Black Dolphin”, where he was serving a sentence of ex-Yukos employees. Motivation in the document was not. In the summer of Aleksey Pichugin was transferred from prison to Moscow to testify on new charges against Khodorkovsky.

Mother Pichugin asked Putin personally to solve the issue of his pardon 19.10.2016

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