The Russian rocket complexes “Iskander” were imported to the Kaliningrad oblast on the ferry under the guise of agricultural products, according to the Deputy of the state Duma from the Kaliningrad region Alexander Patico.

“I was not a witness, but rumor has it that, like the scouts of NATO was looking for, as we islanders hauled – hauled them on the ferry, under the guise of agricultural products, by the way, so they noticed nothing”, – quotes the people’s choice website New Kaliningradzki.

That “Iskander” were delivered to the Kaliningrad oblast on the ferry (cargo ship “Ambal”) previously reported , the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation. However, the Department claimed that the secret of transporting missile system specifically made to clarify the parameters of the American reconnaissance satellite.

For this one, “Iskander” was even exhibited before loading on the ferry passing under the American apparatus. “Long wait we didn’t have American partners in a revelatory impulse themselves all of us and confirmed,” – said in October the official representative of the defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov, commenting on Western media messages about the transfer of missile complexes of the Russian Federation in the Kaliningrad region.

The emergence of “Iskander” in the Baltic provoked a strong reaction from the West. The management of a number of European countries criticized the Moscow, and USA saw Russia’s actions as a threat to the security of Europe.

In Sweden the re-deployment of “Iskander” called provocation, which aggravates the situation in the Baltic region. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski called Russia’s actions “totally inadequate response to what NATO is doing”.

Monday, November 21, a senior Russian lawmaker said that Moscow will deploy a ballistic short-range missiles and advanced air defense system in Kaliningrad, writes The Wall Street Journal. We are talking about systems Iskander and s-400 “objects” which, presumably, will be the site of the future posting the updated version of the American missile defense system SM-3, said in the article. “Consider it the first test of Vladimir Putin qualities of Donald trump as commander in chief,” said the author of the article, which leads InoPressa.

Meanwhile, The Times believes that the US needs to deter Russia, not to provoke her. “It would be advantageous to place not expensive and not proven weapons system in Eastern Europe to protect America from a hypothetical Iranian threat, and to invest in the weapon and deterrent, and not provoking Russia”, – writes the edition.

“There is, for example, the missile JASSM – subtle non-nuclear cruise missile that can be launched from ships and aircraft. Finland and Poland bought JASSM; America needs to provide these weapons and other countries”, – says the author.

MP shared rumors about the delivery of Iskanders in Kaliningrad oblast – they were allegedly imported under the guise of agricultural 23.11.2016

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