The capital’s investigators opened a criminal case on the fact of detection of two human bodies with gunshot wounds, according to the official website of the Moscow GSU SK of the Russian Federation. According to preliminary reports, the man shot his mistress in the holiday, and then committed suicide.

The body of a man born in 1984 and women born in 1989 was discovered the evening of February 25, 2017 in a two-bedroom apartment of one of houses on Spacious street in the Eastern administrative district of Moscow.

The dead were 32-year-old landlord Nicholas J., who was the founder of the company “SATRO-paladin” (sells TV and video equipment), as well as his 27-year-old bride Anna L, writes “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

The incident qualified under part 1 of article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder”). “The investigation is considering different versions of the crime, including careless handling of weapons. Appointed is judicial-medical, ballistic and fingerprint examination”, – stated in the press release of GSU SK the Russian Federation.

The police assume that the murder was committed at the festive table the evening of February 23. Day the neighbors saw Anna with the filled food bags was walking home from the store. Shots residents heard, but since then, Nicholas and his wife had not seen.

According to one version, Nicholas during the meal, decided to show off weapons. Showing off the capabilities of a hunting rifle, he accidentally shot Anna. Realizing that the young woman died, the man shot himself. Suicide note, the businessman left.

February 25, on a Spacious street came father Nicholas and his brother. They were concerned that relative did not return phone calls. The apartment door was locked from the inside on the latch, and from the street it was clear that dwelling in the light. To open the apartment, the relatives called the police and emergency workers. Rescuers got inside and found the bodies. Between his legs the man was clutching a rifle Blaser R8, writes Life.

It is known that Nicholas was an avid hunter and fisherman. At his home, in addition to the rifle, kept two shotguns 12-gauge, two traumatic gun (including one converted from TT combat), combat pistol 22-caliber pistol and a stun grenade. Also found ammunition, including the weapon, which was not at the scene.

From the first marriage of the deceased left a son-a preschooler. And recently, Nicholas made an offer to the native of Novokuznetsk Anna, about to marry for a second time.

Muscovite February 23, killed his bride and himself 27.02.2017

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