The capital’s investigators opened a criminal case concerning 40-the summer man suspected of pedophilia. The attacker stole a minor student and 10 years of keeping it in captivity, exposing sexual violence.

In the present investigation at the request of the defendant in a criminal case the measure of restraint in the form of remand in custody. During interrogation, the accused pleaded guilty and gave evidence in several criminal incidents. “The investigation established the whereabouts of the relatives of the victim, appointed a number of forensic examinations”, – informs the official site of the Moscow GSU SK of the Russian Federation.

According to investigators, in July 2007 the defendant met 9-year-old boy who was offered shared accommodation at his house. A young child agreed and left the family.

“For a long time the accused did not let the boy out of the room, hiding it from others. As believes a consequence, having used a helpless condition of the child, the man has made concerning it violent acts of sexual character” – said in a press release.

Back in 2007, the disappearance of the boy, the investigating authorities opened a criminal case under article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder”). The missing student was declared the Federal wanted list.

“Investigators of GSU SK of Russia across Moscow together with the operational services carried out laborious work, the result of which was the whereabouts of missing boy”, – added in Department. Was also arrested the alleged kidnapper.

At the moment the man charged with paragraph “C” of part 3 of article 132 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Violent actions of sexual nature committed against a person, obviously not reached fourteen-year age”).

Furthermore, the accused will be checked on participation in Commission of similar crimes in territory of Moscow.

Add at the end of 2016 on similar criminal case wrote Life. A Muscovite, raised five children, kept in sexual slavery relatives of different ages. The crimes were committed in the past ten years.

41-year-old wife of a rapist Olga C. was afraid of him so much, that for years hid the incident from law enforcement. In addition, the woman feared the reaction from the authorities.

“I understand that in such situation to give advice is easy, but when you’re constantly under the pressure and influence, hearing threats, it is hard to make a step – explained Olga. – It was hard to take a decision without consequences. I didn’t want my children took guardianship over it”.

According to Olga, her husband Alex began subjecting her to sexual harassment almost immediately after marriage. “The diagnosis of some mental health set during childhood. Now I want to put it for a long time,” – said the victim.

The investigation began only after the police came 18-year-old daughter of the pervert Alena S. She said that the father raped her sister, brother and mother, arranged Swingers Orgy involving acquaintances.

Two of the younger children of the family head has not been touched, although they became involuntary spectators of what is happening.

Muscovite kidnapped a child and 10 years kept him into sex slavery 10.07.2017

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