In the European part of Russia, the situation was so adverse weather conditionsin some regions of the closed airport, there are delays in the schedule of trains and public transport.

In the capital region and on Friday was declared a “yellow” level of danger due to strong wind, snow and rain, which brought the Balkan cyclone. The worst situation developed in Naro-Fominsk, Dmitrov, Solnechnogorsk, Klin and Sergiev Posad districts of the Moscow region. There’s freezing rain led to numerous falling trees on electrical wires and power lines. In Moscow also there are many fallen trees, broken cars. Also there are the first victims – on Bolshaya Dmitrovka block of ice fell on the head of a passerby. In Pushkin district of Moscow region under the collapsed tree killed a man.

Precipitation began Thursday evening and continued throughout Friday. The temperature was initially around 0, and in the evening dropped to minus 2 degrees. By the morning of the Sabbath promise to minus 4-6 degrees, which will lead to strong ice. By Saturday evening in the capital will fall to 18 mm of rainfall, and the increase of snow will be from 7 to 14 cm.

The Moscow authorities have already appealed to the capital’s residents with a request not to go out on Friday evening, November 11, due to heavy ice. “We urge Muscovites to be especially careful when moving in the city without extreme necessity urge you not to go outside because of the abnormal weather possible heavy ice,” said Deputy mayor for housing and Peter Biryukov.

In the suburbs massive power outage
Dozens of flights delayed due to bad weather
In Moscow was held the November storm
In the capital fell one-third of the monthly norm of precipitation
Traffic jams throughout the European part of Russia

The Deputy mayor also explained that due to the worsening weather, specialized equipment from 15:00 Friday conducted random anti-icing treatment of hazardous road sections including bridges, tunnels, low-lying areas, embankments, viaducts, overpasses, steep climbs and descents, platforms, braking at stops of public transport facilities, adjacent to the CHPP and open water bodies.

At 17:00 began anti-icing treatment of sidewalks, approaches to public transport stops, metro stations, underground and elevated transitions, objects of social sphere and consumer market, areas TPU.

Specialized equipment will come with 23:00 hours on promethazie the road network on the entire width of the roadway, sidewalks, interquarter drives, Parking lots, yards and their subsequent anti-icing treatment.

The pedestrian zone should be treated melkogravijnye crumbs, and Saturday morning special services will clean the roof from snow and ice.

Now to clean the city involved more than 10 thousand units to 20 thousand workers manual cleaning.

The city authorities also asked motorists to abide by traffic rules and be sensitive to passages of the columns utility vehicles, accompanied by patrol cars of traffic police and pedestrians to be extremely careful when driving on the streets and sidewalks of the city.

The first victims of the disaster in Moscow and Moscow region

The media have already appeared the first reports about the victims of the disaster in the Russian capital and Moscow region. In the town of Sofrino a man has fallen icy tree branch, he died before arrival of physicians, the TV channel REN TV.

On Bolshaya Dmitrovka street the day the woman on the head fell from the roof of the block of ice. The victim was an employee of the Investigative Committee of Russia. She was taken to the Institute Sklifosovsky.

The utility secured the accident the signal strip, the roof of the house to hastily clear of icicles. The building, incidentally, is the owner, who already warned about the need to remove snow from the roof, say “News”.

Prefecture of the Central administrative district (TSAO) Moscow has asked the Prosecutor to take action against the owners of the building, the Agency reports city news “Moscow” with reference to the press service of the Prefecture.

“The CENTRAL administrative area Prefecture and the administrative-technical inspection of the building’s owners promptly sent notification of the need to clean the roof from snow and ice and also about the personal responsibility of the owner of the building for the organization of this work. In fact what happened Prefecture TSAO issued an appeal to the Prosecutor’s office conducting an inspection and taking action against the owners of the building,” he told reporters.

In the capital’s press service stressed that the need to clean the roof from snow and ice building owners are notified by the Prefecture and district councils before the onset of winter season. “Residential is the management company, non – asset-holders. In the case of a descent of snow, falling icicles checks administrative technical inspection or state inspection office for housing, representatives of the district Council and the lessee of the building,” – said the Prefecture.

The victim from falling icicles, the woman was discharged from the hospital. As described in the Institute of emergency care. Sklifosovsky, Moscow all is well. “She is long long gone, she’s all right”, – reported in the emergency Department to the journalists of REN TV.

In Konakovskom travel under the weight of snow and ice broke a tree, covering ten parked cars in a yard. By a lucky chance nobody has suffered, experts say.

Muscovites urged not to go out on the roads and sidewalks ice crust. There were the first victims of the Balkan cyclone 11.11.2016

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