Group “Leningrad”, which continues to delight his fans with song parodies, this time created long cartoon music for Patriotic talk show, but rather, a show “About love,” which is the First channel leads the leader of the group Sergey Shnurov together with Sofiko Shevardnadze.

A parody of the “Leningrad” during the day, gathered on YouTube about two million views.

The shooting of the movie is devoted to relations between men (“eagle”) and women (“Monkeys”) that the cable itself philosophically lyrically called the clip “the changing times and the clash of the elements”, was held in the Studio of “About love” and resemble a live talk show Shnurov, which couples to solve their family problems.

“Eagle” and “Monkey” can’t find a common language. Their family business gradually into the scandal that ends the fight in the Studio.

The main characters in the clip were regular participants of the “Leningrad” – Sergey Shnurov and Alexander Popov, and vocalist Florida and Vasilisa, who has managed to pull in the last few clips of the “Leningrad” after the departure of Alice Vaux. Co-host Shnurov performed by his fellow talk show Sofiko Shevardnadze.

In the new video for “Leningrad” also starred the main Russian matchmaker rose Sabitova, who played the role of expert programs.

Musical irony Shnurov length of 7 minutes per day on YouTube gained 2 million views 29.11.2016

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