More than three hundred American Muslim leaders signed an open letteraddressed to the elected President of the United States Donald Trump. In the message they expressed “deep concern”, asked the new head of the state to take measures to protect Islamic religious minorities, as well as to dismiss officials who have distinguished themselves anti-Islamic statements.

The authors of the letter cited recent data from the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI), which show a dramatic rise of Islamophobia in the country and crimes on this basis. Given the possibility of naming a trump in high office known islamophobes, Muslims are urged to review their nominations notes

According to religious leaders, elected President should abandon the recruitment to its team of people who openly Express anti-Islamic views. Muslims also accused some allies of trump’s unwillingness to recognize the Muslim people the same rights as their fellow citizens, reports RIA “Novosti”.

Earlier, the Muslims had expressed concerns about the implementation of the programme of supervision from the trump. The President-elect is invited to watch the Americans-Muslims to fight terrorism. The people saw this initiative as a violation of their rights.

Trump in the election campaign repeatedly made tough statements about Muslims. So, in December last year after shooting in San Bernardino , he urged temporarily to impose “total ban on entry of Muslims in the United States.”

The day after the terrorist attack in Orlando trump has promised in case of victory in the elections to completely stop immigration from those regions where the terrorist threat to the United States, Europe and their allies.

In July, the billionaire somewhat softened its position, stating that the ban on entry into the country should act only for the followers of Islam who come from “terrorist States”.

Muslim leaders urged trump to protect Islamic religious minority 07.12.2016

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